Healing sessions

‘A treatment that involves the transfer of energy through the healer to
the recipient. It promotes self-healing by relaxing the body, releasing
tensions and strengthening the body’s own immune system. Healing is
natural and non-invasive with the intention of bringing the recipient into
a state of balance and wellbeing on all levels’ (NFSH Healing Trust)

Spiritual healing is not linked to a particular religion. It is not faith healing –
even very sceptical people can be healed.
The word ‘spiritual’ originates from the Latin word ‘spiritus’ meaning ‘breath of
life’. The spiritual aspect refers to spiritual energy working at a deep level on
our spiritual being. The healing involves the transfer of energy; in other words,
it is not from the healer him or herself, but the healer links with ‘Universal’ or
Divine energy to channel healing for the mind, body and spirit.

Tarot as an alternative tool of spiritual healing

The history of Tarot cards reading is as mystic as the concept of Tarot reading itself! Although there is no exact origin of Tarot history, there has been evidence that it was primitively known as a card game having a French title Le Tarots and was predominantly of Italian origin. However, it may well be noted that this game is still played in some European countries but bears no resemblance to the divinity personified concept of Tarot reading.The Tarot cards can well be considered as a tool for effective divination solutions that have been consistently used since times immemorial.It is believed that the cards are used for gaining the insight of present as well as future situations of the querent or subject. Some people believe that they are guided by a spiritual force like Gaia while few of them believe that the cards help them to tap into their own creative or a collective unconscious, brainstorming subconscious.

Tarot :Tool of inner search

The importance of tarot symbolism was attached by the first psychologist, Carl Jung. He may have regarded the tarot cards by representing archetypes: situations embedded in the subconscious of all human being or fundamental types of person. The archetypes theory is used in several psychological treatments.