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Every relationship has something to teach us. The same is as for our twin flame union. Twin flames are often considered the ones that will teach us the most. But how can we defined a soul as our twin flame? A twin flame is an intense soul connection with someone thought to be a person's other half, sometimes called a "mirror soul." It's based on the idea that sometimes one soul gets split into two bodies. This theory is at first introduced in Ancient Greek tradition and philosophy from Plato on his script "Symbosium"One of the main characteristics of a twin flame relationship is that it will be both challenging and healing. This is due to the mirroring nature of a twin flame; they show you your deepest insecurities, fears, and shadows. But they also help you overcome them, and vice versa—your twin flame will be equally affected by you.

Plato theory in Symbosium

According to the Greek philosopher Plato, in his work The Symposium we were once all connected to our twin souls. Humans were born with four arms, four legs, two sets of genitals and a single head with two faces. There were three genders that could comprise these beings: Man born of the Sun, Woman born of the Earth, and Androgynous born of the Moon. Some were man and woman, others all female and all male. The ancient Gods feared their great power, believing that these magnificent beings would rise up and depose them. The Gods wanted the humans destroyed. So Zeus came up with the creative solution of splitting the humans in half, thus diminishing their strength and making more humans to worship the Gods. He cast them far away from one another to wander through lifetimes with this ache deep within them searching endlessly for the other part of themselves. They were called Two from One, two of the same soul. But there was hope for these beings who were cursed to wander through time with the memory of their twin soul echoing in their being. You can never truly separate that which came from one. Plato said that when the human did find the other half of their soul, there was this unspoken connection that drew them together, and that together they would know unity and complete joy in every way. He tells that when these twins who were apart find one another, they never again want to be separated. He indicates the feeling is like a mystery, and cannot be easily explained or defined.


When you met, there was instant recognition

When you first encounter your twin flame, Spinelli says there will be an intense sense of attraction, recognition, and longing. Meeting a twin flame often feels like home. We usually feel a familiarity—an undeniably intense bond as though you have known them before.

You're very similar

You and your twin flame may find that you have a lot in common as far as values, past experiences, and interests. Both of you will find that your past story has a lot of coincidences and similar experiences.

You complement each other

In those areas that you aren't similar, you'll find your differences complement each other, almost like yin and yang. Their shadow, for example, will be complemented by your light, and vice versa. And because a twin flame mirrors you, you're likely very aware of how your relationship highlights your shadows, and theirs. But this is a fact that can also triggers a lot of an unhealed bugget within you that needs to be defined and healed.

Your insecurities and doubts are amplified

The purpose of your twin flame is to support and help you with your divine mission and purpose. So, often this type of relationship will reflect your problems and deepest insecurities so you can work through them to heal and grow.

They feel magnetic

From the moment you met and still to this day, you feel drawn to them physically when they're near you, as well as magnetically, when you're apart. It's as though their energy is always with you, always wanting to be closer.

The relationship is tumultuous

Twin flame relationships aren't all smooth sailing, and actually, they're usually not. This characteristic also introduces a new term known as the "twin flame journey". A journey of soul seafching and healing until you finally match the pieces and manage to unite you both.  Being with a twin flame is like constantly being confronted by yourself, namely the parts of yourself you may not like. It can be incredibly challenging, but it's facilitating major growth for both of you. This process might create tensions and intensity to the extremes.

The relationship is very intense

There's a definite emotional charge between twin flames.  Most often  you develop quickly because you already feel so familiar. Because you are so connected at a soul level, you feel things deeper together, which often makes for more intensity and passion.

You keep coming back together

"The chase" is most definitely a part of the twin flame relationship. At some point, one of you may walk away, out of fear, anger. But you'll often come back by creating a back and forth situation. If you're in an 'on and off'-again-type relationship, it could be with your twin flame. You'll find that things just keep bringing you together in random ways. Could be months, years, even decades; you just always find your way back to one another.


Your connection feels divine

When you find your twin flame, there's a certain larger-than-life quality that likely feels divine or predestined. There is a feeling that you have been brought together by a higher power and that creates a very strong bond between the two of you. (These can also sometimes be karmic relationships. This gives in yhe twin flame union sometimes the sense of a karmic vibe)

You have an almost psychic connection

You and your twin flame can likely communicate with just a glance, and you always know what the other is thinking. You tend to not communicate verbally a lot because of that energetic bond. You may even feel each other's emotions or symptoms. But if there is a great amount of unhealed budget it can also create a verbal miscommunication that will create confusion within you.

They push you to be and do better

Because twin flames act as mirrors, they challenge us to do better, and oftentimes, your purposes are aligned in a way that pushes both of you to new heights. It's a very expansive relationship that promotes a lot of growth. The stages of a relationship are different when it's your twin flame.  Each Twin flame journey  may be unique depending on the people in, but there are eight common stages that can define this whole process.





Stage 1: Yearning for union
Before the two of you meet, you will have an awareness that your other half is out there for you. There is deep longing in this phase, and there will be inner work during this phase to prepare you for meeting your twin flame.

Stage 2: Meeting your mirror
Once you meet, your world will be rocked. Prepare to fall fast. When you meet, it is insane instant attraction. You often can't keep your hands off one another and think about and want to spend a ton of time with each other constantly. Passion and attraction is off the charge even if it's not expressed because of the current conditions or challenges.

Stage 3: The honeymoon phase
Yes, twin flames can have a honeymoon phase, too! In this phase, your relationship is new, meaningful, and positive. How long it lasts depends on the couple, before challenges arise.

Stage 4: Challenges and oppositions
Sooner or later, core wounds emerge, and differences arise in the relationship. Often, these challenges are a reflection of the soul work the two of you need to do on your own. It's often not about improving the relationship but rather improving yourself.

Stage 5: A challenging test
Your love will be put to a test, as you start to dive deep into your shadow. All your insecurities will rear up as you start to question yourself and each other. In this phase, one partner may avoid the other or even abandon the relationship, while the other feels emotionally insecure. This is where attachment issues arise.

Stage 6: The chase and runner dynamic
The chase, also called twin flame separation, is a big part of many twin flame relationships; someone will always walk away. Twin flame relationships have a ton of push-pull. Part of the chase is the reward for each person. But there will be a time when one partner will pull away, and this causes separation.

Stage 7: Surrendering
The chase can go on for years, but should the two of you work through all your triggers, insecurities, and challenges,  but eventually you may come back together. This is the surrender into the relationship and big picture for you both. You accept and allow each other to be who they are, flaws and all. This is where you come back again.

Stage 8: Coming  back home
And finally, once you've fully surrendered and accepted your destiny, your life begins, and balance feels restored. Shared meaning is created, and there is more empathy and understanding in the relationship.  In this stage, you support each other and continue to facilitate growth for the other.

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