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How do we understand what can be a psychic power or a psychic ability in general? 

Like radio waves, spiritual information is constantly being broadcast around us, so it's really just a matter of learning how to tune in to it. To interpret what spirit is broadcasting, you'll be using your five senses just like you do in your day-to-day life. And just as you may feel that some of your senses are more reliable than others for making everyday judgments, you have senses, or clairs, that are stronger for connecting with spirit.The clair senses are types of psychic abilities that correspond with the five senses of seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting. When I tap into my intuition and spirit energy, my mind and body become flooded with mental impressions: thoughts, feelings, images, sounds, tastes and smells.


👁💬Clairvoyance means inner sight, inner vision, clear seeing💬👁

Clairvoyance means “clear seeing,” which refers to psychic seeing. If you are a clairvoyant psychic, you’ve probably experienced the gift manifesting itself in some way during your life…and you may not have even been able to recognize it for what it was. Even though clairvoyance is somewhat common, many very clairvoyant people discredit their clairvoyant abilities as a daydream, wandering of the mind, wishful thinking, and their imagination.

Clairvoyant messages, which arrive as an image or scene in my mind, usually come as a metaphor. If the client is overwhelmed I might see them drowning or carrying some large bundle on their back.

If I see an image of the continental plates shifting or the ground shaking beneath someone’s feet, it means the client is experiencing such dramatic life changes that nothing feels stable.

If a client is looking for a new job or business partnership, I might see them fishing, with lots of little fish swimming by their line. This might mean the client should wait for the "big fish," or the really plum offer.

If I see a weathervane whipping this way and that in the wind, it might mean that the client’s lover is changeable or unpredictable. These are just examples—the images are usually different for every client, which makes my job fun!

Sings of claircognizance 

  • You tend to use the phrase, ‘I see’

  • Visions, images, colours, symbols and mental-videos come to you in your mind’s eye.

  •  Flashes of light and color often are signs.

  • Notice people’s auras and energy field.

  • See movement out the corner of your eye, but nothing appears to be there.

  • You see mist, fog, light or colours when others can’t.

  • You have good imagination.

  •  You are an expert at puzzles and problem solving, because seeing how different pieces fit together

  • Day-dream often.  Does your imagination or subconscious sometimes take over?

  • Easily visualise your dreams, goals and desires. 

  • You’re very imaginative and creative.

  • Seeing symbols, visions, colors and images.  This “inner seeing” is very subtle most of the time and will typically happen within your mind’s eye.

  • You prefer to see things rather than discuss or read about them. 

  • When people tell you about something, you’re daydreaming and visualizing it.

🤸‍♂️PRACTICE 🤸‍♀️

🧘‍♀️Clairvoyance Through Mediation and Journalling

Mediation is very well-known step to open your third eye and receive visions. Mediation can be done by simply closing your eyes, take deep breathes, and set your intentions in developing clairvoyance and imagine opening it and as you open it, you receive visions. A slight tingling between your eyebrows may occur as you do this because you are trying to open and remove blockages in your third eye chakra. Journaling, on the other hand, is a way for you to record the visions that you see in your dreams because this is where they usually happen. From your journal, you can see symbols or trends that can be relevant for you and your clairvoyance abilities. 


 👁Develop Clairvoyance With Visualization

You can practice visualizing different things around you. This is being able to see using your third-eye. You can actually train your mind to see images in your mind’s eye. Once you are able to do this, you are eventually strengthening your third eye’s abilities. Here are some visualization exercises:

Exercise 1: For this exercise, you will need your imagination. Think about a perfect moment, and picture it in your mind. Make a visualization with the intent of opening your third eye chakra. 

Exercise 2: If you love crafting, this is best for you. Get some craft
supplies such as paper, markers, colored pencils, washi tapes, and glitters. Draw your initials on the paper and get creative by decorating it. Cover the paper with glitters, add polka dots or color it purple. You can add more if you wish. After this, look at what you have created for a minute, then close your eyes. While your eyes are closed try to recall everything about what you just have created and hold it in your mind. Then look from the tip of your creation and see how the polka dots create shadows on it. This is one way that will make you exercise your visualization.

  🌹Clairvoyance With Flowers

For this exercise, you need several types of flowers. Here’s what you will do, take one flower and run your fingers from tip to tip, take note of the texture, the colors, and its imperfections. Then visualize in your mind a good picture of it. Then put the flower down, then close your eyes and try to remember everything about what you just did to the flower. Picture this in your mind’s eye. You do this exercise with all the other flowers that you have. This will help you develop visualization skills with earthy elements which are known to be a good psychic development for starters.

  🎲Clairvoyance in Playing Games

Yes, even with games you can actually develop your clairvoyance ability. You can do this with some friends.

Memory game. Using a deck of cards, ask your friend to choose three pairs of cards and let him turn them face down. You now try to turn one card face up and look for its pair by using your third eye. Do this until you successfully do it with all the three pairs. This sounds really fun.

Kitchen items. Ask your friend to pick fifteen things from your kitchen and lay them on the table or countertop. While he is doing this, leave the room. After she is done, have a look and check on how every item was placed. Then leave the room and picture the table by drawing on a piece of paper how your friend arranged them. Then go back and check how you did.

  🗻Use Crystals or Stones

Crystals are believed to be the openers of the third-eye. They are often used during meditation or laid on the forehead when you sleep. Some also carry these crystals along with them as jewelry. Crystals that are known to develop this ability are Amethyst, Fluorite, Aquamarine, Opal, Emerald, Herkimer Diamond, Labradorite, Tektite, Moonstone, and tiger’s eye.

Using all these tips, you will be able to develop your psychic abilities. As you do each of them, remember that you also need to trust in yourself and whatever visions that you picture in your mind. Do not be disrupted by blockages to your chakra opening, if you feel that there is blockage remember that you can re-open this through mediation. Also, affirmations are good at preventing these blockages from depriving you of developing your clairvoyance abilities.




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