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How do we understand what can be a psychic power or a psychic ability in general? 

Like radio waves, spiritual information is constantly being broadcast around us, so it's really just a matter of learning how to tune in to it. To interpret what spirit is broadcasting, you'll be using your five senses just like you do in your day-to-day life. And just as you may feel that some of your senses are more reliable than others for making everyday judgments, you have senses, or clairs, that are stronger for connecting with spirit.The clair senses are types of psychic abilities that correspond with the five senses of seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting. When I tap into my intuition and spirit energy, my mind and body become flooded with mental impressions: thoughts, feelings, images, sounds, tastes and smells.



👂💬Clairaudience means clear hearing💬👂

Hearing noises when nobody is around can be disturbing. However, this may be a sign of clairaudience. A clairaudient hears messages from spirit guides, angels, or the dead, receiving assistance from the spirit world. Clairaudience is the ability to hear psychic messages. These may be external, coming from a source outside your head, or may be internal (a voice in your head).This is one ability among other psychic powers in the "clair" group. These include clairvoyance, the ability to receive messages in the form of symbols and visions, and clairsentience, the ability to feel sensations or emotions that provide guidance. Audient powers also vary enormously: they can include hearing familiar voices, such as those of a loved one who has passed away, or even noises that barely sound human at all. It can also include dream discussions that take place while sleeping. (Dream readings can help you interpret these.)The true marker of this talent is that these messages serve a purpose. They provide guidance in moments of crisis.


What’s the difference between clairaudience and a mental illness?

It's absolutely crucial to realize that hearing voices may be a sign of clairaudience or it may be a sign of mental illness. The key difference is the amount of distress these messages bring you and the amount of control you have over them.

If you are experiencing anxiety or confusion around the noises you hear, see a licensed professional (a doctor or a therapist) immediately. This is especially true if the voices are causing disruption in your social relationships.

Clairaudients have the ability to moderate their experiences with psychic spirits, to give feedback and explain when their guidance is needed. If your voices are intrusive, this is one of the top signs to seek help.


Sings of clairaudience

▪You hear voices.

The hallmark of this talent, hearing internal or external voices from guides is one of the key signs that you have this power.

▪You hear footsteps or other noises when nobody is there.

Not all people with these powers hear spoken words. Instead, they may be hearing other sounds from a spirit that serve as symbols.

▪You experience ringing in your ears.

Similar to hearing other noises, hearing this ringing can indicate that a guide or spirit is near and wishes to communicate with you.

▪You have conversations with “yourself.”

This is different from speaking aloud. Instead, it involves discussions in which you get answers you did not expect or that could not have come from you, even if these happen internally.

▪You had an imaginary friend.

If you had an imaginary friend you talked to as a child, this could be an early sign of clairaudience. This friend may have been a spirit guide appearing in a form that made sense to you.

▪You “see” messages (visions).

Clairaudience and clairvoyance are often linked. If you hear internal or external noises and also receive symbols, this is a sign that the noises may be a psychic power connecting you to a spirit.

▪Inspiration and creativity come naturally and suddenly to you.

If you're often inspired out of the blue, with ideas popping into your head as though someone said them aloud, you may have clairaudience.

▪You are highly sensitive.

Though not enough on its own to determine whether you have psychic abilities, clairaudients have an unusual ability to pick up on others' emotions.

▪You often daydream.

Many people daydream, but clairaudients report hearing internal or external voices or having conversations in their daydreams.


🤸‍♂️PRACTICE 🤸‍♀️

🧘‍♀️Clairaudience Through Mediation and Journalling

Mediation is very well-known step to open your third eye and receive visions. Mediation can be done by simply closing your eyes, take deep breathes, and set your intentions in developing clairaudience and imagine opening it and as you open it, you receive noises and sounds. A slight tingling between your eyebrows may occur as you do this because you are trying to open and remove blockages in your third eye chakra. Journaling, on the other hand, is a way for you to record the sounds and the messages that you hear in your dreams or when you are awake because this is where they usually happen.


✍Automatic Writing✍

Automatic writing or channeling writing is the process that someone writes down without using his subconcious mind. You can experience automatic writing when you either grab a pen or open a Word document and just write whatever comes to you as  a voice message. And try to write a description about the quality of the voice you hear in order to be able to recognize from who you take your guidance. At first, you start with one question. It can be anything that you’re interested in knowing or something that’s bothering you.  If you want to channel your spirit guides, or your higher self, and tap into your clairaudient abilities, you’ll need to turn your mind off. Just let it flow. Relax, get into a comfortable position, and just write. It may seem silly at first, and your mind might insist on joining in at first.However, if you keep at it, your clairaudience  will present itself through your writing. Don’t worry about what you’re hearing or writing at first, even if it’s gibberish, even if it turns into your grocery list. Just keep going. Stick with it.






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