Published on 14 October 2021 at 22:39



On my searching for expanding the quality of my healing sessions for you my loves. I'm offering a new reading that many of you are asking about especially now that we approaching the season time of Scorpio. In a deep dive into the subconcious mind with the Channeled guidance from the Divine and the angelic realm and the technical skills of modern psychology based on the Scientific Scheme of "Active imagination" by Carl Yung we are going to answer to five of your main questions about your nightbed dreams. When- where- why- who and how! Dream catcher reading is a  full analysis of deeper subconcious transition that you are experiencing at this period of time. By using my psychic abilities, tarot and oracle cards we are going to bring to the surface the hidden message that yourself is giving you at this period of time. By the guiding and healing light of the Archangels we are going to enlighten  the hidden messages of your subconcious that describe the transition you are experiencing at this current moment as well as the path that your higher self and your spirit guides are guiding you to follow. 



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