Published on 26 November 2020 at 20:17

• A classic stone symbol of wealth and abundance but of finance in particular.
• Reduces claustrophobia, brings balance, stability and adaptability.
• Helps smooth expression and gives the holder eloquence. Protects friendship.
• Brings to the surface talents and creativity to achieve our ideals.
• Gives success to new financial exposures.
• On an emotional level, Chrysoprasios brings a sense of security and trust.
• Gives courage, will, self-confidence, banishes anger, sadness and insecurity.

• He is the guardian of every new life and encourages the beginning of every new project.
• Protects against computer radiation and any adverse environmental influences.
• Dissolves illusions, helps fight stress and nervousness.

• Great for relaxing and sleeping peacefully.
• Helps the holder to maintain his peace of mind when dealing with something unknown, especially in the interior.
• Gives depth to meditation and brings us in touch with the help and positive energies of the Devas.
• Used to bring to the conscious mind thoughts and ideas hidden in the subconscious.

• Increases fertility and protects against sexually transmitted diseases.
• It has a strong detoxifying effect, it can push heavy metals out of the body.
• It is said to protect against all eye diseases, helps with gout and mental illness.
• Fights skin diseases, heart problems and goiter, balances hormones and soothes the digestive system.
• Improves disability and brings universal energy to the body.
• Increases the absorption of Vitamin C, and in combination with Kapnia Quartz, cures fungal infections.
• Enhances any kind of treatment, classical or alternative, physical or mental.

• It has similar properties in all tones of Green.

• Hold or wear it.
• Take it with you or put it under your pillow.

It is purified in water and charged in sunlight.

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