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It belongs to the Silicate-Tectosilicate minerals and is Silicon Oxide. It has a hardness of 7 and a Triangular / Hexagonal crystal system.
COLOR: Apart from the classic transparent color, Quartz has several colors and varieties.
.• It got its name from the Greek word "halaza" which means hail, since many in antiquity considered it solidified water.
• Quartz crystals are known from primitive peoples who attributed many magical powers to them.
.• Quartz vases have been found in Egyptian tombs.
• Pliny mentions that in Rome the collection of crystals had come to be considered so special that a simple ladle cost 150,000 cisterns (ie 20,000 Euros).
.• The wealthy Romans held Quartz balls in their hands to cool off in the summer, as the Quartz absorbs heat.
• In Europe and pre-Columbian America, quartz crystals were placed in the tombs so that the soul of the deceased could quickly reach the heavens.
.• In China and Japan they were considered sacred gems and worshiped as symbols of heaven and infinity.
.• In India the Mauryan dynasty considered quartz crystals a precious treasure, they believed that if poison entered a quartz cup then this crystal would darken thus warning its holder.
.• In the Middle Ages it was confused with diamond, while in the 18th century it began to be used in Europe as a remedy for many diseases.
• In the 20th century, its amazing applications in science such as computer microchips were discovered.
.• Since 1960 it has become known in the West for its properties in Crystal Therapy, meditation and amulet creation, something that continues to this day, being widespread.


• Gives energy and strength wherever it is placed and helps in the energy purification of all minerals.
• Revitalizes the body and gives courage, strength, vitality, renewal, wellness, good mood, positive energy, longevity and protection.
.• Helps every new beginning and brings wealth and abundance.
• The transparent quartz crystal was used by many peoples as a means of causing rain. .Farmers can try to cause a coveted rain by planting properly charged quartz crystals in the corners of their fields. Quartz is said to also give abundance not only to the sparta, but also to every other area of ​​economic life.


.• Ideal energy shield for geopathic stress, radiation, Lay lines.
• It is antidepressant, removes fears and nightmares, gives calm, harmony, endurance, spontaneity and positive thoughts.
.• A powerful cleanser of the environment, water, body, aura and thought.
• Dissolves congestion and blockages, so that energy can flow freely, helps at all our levels and dimensions, bringing healing and light.


Purified in water and recharged in sunlight

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