CARD OF THE WEEK 20/02/ 2023 - 26/02/2023

Published on 20 February 2023 at 16:21

The vision that i'm getting for the energy of the week is a calidoscope that is attending the planets the stars and the universe. For me this is an indication of understanding the cosmic energies and see the bigger picture through the eye of the universe. With number 3 here and the major arcana card the Empress this is a message of an upcoming opening in abudance only if you are open to see the bigger picture and free your mind's horizons. It's time to accept and see clearly what are the distracted energies in your life and let go of situations, frequencies, people or patterns that they not serve you any longer. Stand in my power doesn't mean that i have to fight all the time and be defensive. Stand in my power means that i know what i deserve and communicate my needs. Then i'm open to the new chapter to come into my life." Stop analyzing and make complicated scenarios or philosophical approaches in your mind. Be simple and selective. And yes! May be that selection of yourself might not always agree with the expectation of your Ego. But think that you might see disappointment amd umfullfillment towards future if you select this because you are not fully open to experience what you don't know. Universe has a very wise way to fullfill your needs and your need for excitment as well. Do not underestimate this energy cause whether you know it or not.. this is within you. So in other words it's like you are blocking yourself by your own. The gift of that week is the diacovery of a self limiting belief and mechanism on the unconcious that is blocking your manifestation. And thia mechanism is something that you have to start healing. That is the start of your practical transformation.

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