🍁All life has a purpose on both the outer, physical and the inner, spiritual one. When mankind created the companion animal, the inner self acknowledged the need for a deeper, more tangible relationship with the animal kingdom other than just as a source of food and clothing. On the surface, this relationship seemed to be one of convenience, with animals serving man as hunters, protection, transportation, etc.; but the true relationship between mankind and the companion animal is a much deeper one. It is a relationship based on our need for perfect love. The kind of love that does not judge. The kind of love that accepts us whether we’re in a good mood or a bad one, regardless of what we look like or how smart we are, whether we’re rich or poor, sick or well. The kind of love that comes to us and without words, lets us know it’s there for us.
What do you think when you see a huge bird gracefully flying across the sky, or a rabbit or mouse swiftly running across your path? Do you just see it as a daily event or do you recognize the huge opportunity, you have, to reflect on the vast amount of life we interact with on a daily basis? The delight of a child as they connect with nature eludes most of us, as adults. Our lives become busy and routine with barely enough time to get through the day, never mind stopping to take a moment to reflect on life itself.
Since our pets don’t speak our language, they have to find another way to let us know what they’re thinking. You know when your dog wants to go out, play or is lonely or jealous. You know when your cat’s litter box is full or when they’re aggravated or hungry. They also know how to read your moods with no words spoken. This is the timeless connection of energy and love. Without love, the bond is rootless and empty. Without love, the cord is frayed and fragile. Without love, life with your pet is one of ego and power instead of caring and consideration. This relationship between human and animal is as important to them as it is to you. The love and caring our pets have for us is reflected in their actions. They want us to be happy, safe and well as much as we want them to be.🍁

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