What is going on with your love situation? + advice

Published on 15 October 2022 at 15:36

1. What i'm getting for you my loves is a strong clairaudient phrase. "Seperated paths". This message ia giving me the vibe of a recent split or seperation from your person that moat likely isn't something that you have expected or want as well. For some this split was because of a third party and this is something that intuitively you are getting as an intuitive hint for some time but you don't even want to think about it. The actual message here from your spirit guides and Arch. Michael is that your intuition is correct. Your person has stop investing emotionally on this connection because of that third party that came in this person's life out of divine orchestration. This orchestration has no intention to hurt you but actually protect your energy from that person that has a quite often tedency to manipulate his or her  love partners. You may have a strong attachment to this person because of the intense sexual chemistry that you may feel it's love. This strong attraction between you two is actually intoxicating for you that is making you seek for a reconciliation.  Your strong advice and warning for you is to let go and establish stronger boundaries towards the alluring amd intoxicating energy of that person. It's time to take back your power and control yourlife. This loss may seem devostating  for  at this point of time but you are experinecing deep healing while things are changing at cellular level within you before your big transformation. Especially now that we are getting close to solar eclipse in scorpio.  If you continue to chase this person will hurt yourself even more while situation is actually an unrequited love.

2. For you my lovelies it seems that you may are single at this point of time while you took some time to rest and retreat from some past painful experiences in order to move forward and have your balance. It seems also that the time you took was a lot but not long enough to forgive yourself and the persons that were been involved in that situation. The past experience that you have made you be emotionally introvert and quite defensive towards new possibilities  but this is not something that you can avoid especially during this full moon that brings up to the surface all this drama and sadness that you hide for a lot of time. Now it's time to step up and work towards your emotional let go of the past and listen to the message that universe is sending you especialky via numbers like 111 or 222. Those numbers are telling you that in order to manifest happiness and joy you have to embrace yourself and your hurt emotiona with love  compassion and understanding. This may seem to peculiar for you but through this release you will be able to manifest a new person in yourlife, a possible soulmate that will make you happy. For some those are the projections that you had in your ancestral and close family and now this is your calling to stop this cycle of paternal sadness. You learn what a love relationship is from the beginning ans you have to just answer the call. Be excited cause  in this new dawn it's your turn to smile in love!

3. For you my loves i'm getting a vision of a strong tree with its roots groqing slowly ans steadily. You may are already in love situation and expecting thinga to move forward. With your card here be the ten of pentacles this is your reassurance. What i'm also getting is that you may faced some difficulties in your realtionship because of the interferences of your families that made you feel overwhelmed. This love seems to have a star and this ia the attraction and the love you are feeling. The only thing that for some of you is an actual blockage is your anxiety and your tedency to force things to move forward quickly. Your advice is to let go of your need to control the situation and let this love to unfold naturally. It's time to say no to your stress and let things happen in their time. If you let things flow i'm getting an official proposal in 3-4 months from now after saturn be in pisces. Marriage or engagement even a moving in with your person in home that is involved in a inheritance. This person could be your person. This could be your one and only.

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