What chapter is closing? What is coming next? Message from angels and spirit guides

Published on 6 December 2022 at 21:51

1. If your pile had a title this would be the " neverending story is going to be continued". It seems that in your case yo have faced a difficult emotional situation, an actual turmoil for about six months or more that is now closing. But what you have to know is that the closing you expect is not that ending that closures the book of this story but the end of a chapter in that storyline. If we are talking about a romantic situation and a sudden split or a disaggreement your message is that this seperation is temporary. We may talk about a changing of location or direction that is unknown for you at this moment but it ia going to surprise you  happily and fullfill you. It's time to make new plans for the next day and be reassured that the brightest days are coming in your way. If you followed seperated paths with a person you will come back together because this is a soul contract for you. We could for some of you talk about twin flame journey. For those that may are seeking for a job a relocation or a better rexamine of what your soul trully wants can open that golden path for you. Stay focused and calm cause the next chater for you involves.. adventure, twist plot and unexpected happy surprises.

2.For you my loves this period is a time for celebration cause you have closed the most significant and challenging part in your life since your childhood. Release from ancestral patterns that were making you feel trapped mentally and  distract you from embracing your inner power are including in that current closure. For others a chronic conflict with an authority figure in your family and in your life has ended. You were so triggered to listen to your heart and your intuition or to connect with your higher seld and power that you were feeling like livng in the dark was the only place for you. As for what comes next.. this is going to surprise you cause a message from universe and your spirit guides is  here. Good news and good luck are now the allies that support you on that new beginning that you are planning and the opening in a higher level of conciousness. Your advice on this new beginnng is to start planting seeds towards the direction that you heart tells you to follow. You have the total approval of the universe to follow the direction that your intuition ia showing you because this is leading you to an abudant path. Loyal friend groups, recognition and step in your own power is only some of the gifts down the road for you. Also a transformation of a toxic enviroment or job enviroment is nearby.

3. The upcoming messages sweeties has to do with a stressful situation that ia now closing for you once and for all. You may feel disappointed or helpless or you may are facing the last days of that sorrow that your soul carried fir many days and nights. For some of you this might be in some kind a theme related to a hidden depression issue or  ptsd issue. If you are a creative person, working on spiritual field or you are a pisces you may experience a lot of time away of your center diaconnected from your intuition and this has as a result the lack of creativity that may was mirrored on your physical body with pains around your womb. Especially if you are a woman. The good news is that now is the time to reconnect with yourself and find finally the cure you seek within. Whether you feel it or not there is a reassurance for you that as well as you stay focused within your intution the lack is done and the luck will be yours.  Like you won a jack pot. If you are playing games that are related with risks bet in what your intuition says especially for the next 5 to 6 days.

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