What blessings are coming in your way?

Published on 17 December 2022 at 14:22

Pile 1
What i'm getting for you my loves is some kind of an opportunity that you have worked for in the past. With decisiveness and courage you havw overcomed all the obstacles and the time to enjoy relaxed the fruit of your labours have come. This opportunity involves either an unxpected journey. Perhaps a travel or an unexpected day off period from your supervisor or boss. Another option involves unexpected news from a person that you were waiting for a long time and leaves at a distance, fire or water sign. This person may inform you that he or she is ready to come and meet you. And this is something that will make you really happy. For some of this card symbolizes news for an unexpected pregnancy from a person that wasnt able to have a child.

Pile 2
For you my loves we are talking about cooperations and companionships. For some of you your blessing is an unexpected overcome of the obstacles in a situation with a specific person in youf mind. Perhaps a love interest. In that case this person from your past finds the way back to you. A leo, sag, taurus or pisces is now free and has decided that you are the right person. If you are in a third party situation this person has already made his choice, and that choice is you. For others of you this card symbolizes the upcoming appearence of a new coworker  or partner in your career field after a long period of dissappointment with people that used you for finances. This cooperation is coming with honest terms and clear cards on the hands.  It can be a valuable investment do not spoil it because of your caution.

Pile 3

After a long period of disappointment, resentment and drained energy you are blessed with luck in your life with form of an inner sparkle. Some of you may have lost your interest on everyday activities and you were might experience some kind of depression. In that case there will be a romantic offer and communication with a person of some interest for you that will change your mood. If you are a pisces scorpio cancer this will make you feel loved in such a way that you will lose your sense of time. For others i'm getting a new job offer through your family or social circle with great potential for prosperity. This is especially forthose of you that have been fired or changed their job subject. In general your card talks about pre-destined changes that lead you to happiness. You may get some signs. Your lucky number 18.

Pile 4
Your blessing for this period of time my loves is cleansing and  energy clearing of past energies that made you feel stressed or trapped in your life.  This may talk about some persons in your family or an unpleasant company of a friend that drained your energy. In both cases you have experienced intensed arguments and fights, and thia because of this person. Aries, leo, sag and scorpio. For others this card may talk about the ability to set stronger boundaries and speak more frontly on what you want. Also the ability to fight for your dreams and freedom without being criticised. This may also involve a karmic bond that is  closing behind and the renewal of your energy in a new emviroment. There is also the advice to make some cutting cords ritual or healing session in order to get free. If you are expecting something legal this is going to be in your favour and finally get out of a contract. A possible divorce. Significant numbers for you 6 and 20.

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