Yes or No? What is the answer to your question? Choose a pile

Published on 22 December 2022 at 15:24

1. Your answer is Maybe. If you are asking about the emotiona of a specific person this means that your person ia trying to balance out hia thoughts for and be fair towards you. If you are asking for a reconciliation legal issues could prevent you from being together with your person. If you are asking about finances or career matters you have to find balance and make official statements through signing contracts.  For others  you are being called to adjudicate at the personal level – be or create fairness where there is some missing. You may be experiencing the effect underhanded behaviour, if so, you are being called to take the upper hand through fair means. If you are being unfair, then you have to correct your behaviour whether you like it or not. A zero sum game does not create a balanced situation nor does it promote cohesion or moving forward positively. Release your past resentments and see the situation with clear sight.

2. Your answers my loves is Yes, but healing may be needed first in any occassion. If you are asking about a specific relationship this might be a calling for you both to heal in order to reunite according to Divine orchestration. You may get some signs and synchronicities that are giving you this vibe of change that is now taking place. Your sutuation gains momentum  If your question involves some kind of a health issue or a health issue of a close person to you ( for some i'm getting a close relative) this is your confirmation that healing and cure is on the way and it will be succesful. Your spirit guides and angels are protecting you and your loved ones. In matters of finances and career your answer is still positive and the keyword of solution here is moderation. Be assertive of how money you spend ans where and make a bank account cause a big transformation is the way. This for some is the needed money that you have to keep safe in order to make that great shift. Especially for those that are planning to change a work enviroment. This will be a decision of life change and it will bring to you the blessings of abudance and prosperity from spiritual family above.

3. Your answer in this pile is No! This combo of  cards for you my love  are bringing the message of a life change transformation that is taking place at the moment and that is as far as your emotional turmoil and intensity that you may experience the last two weeks. There is a specific message for  those that are asking for a relationship that your emotions are not letting you see things  clearly at the moment and they are clouding your jugdement and your view on the current circumstance. This is because of pressured resentment and anger and thia transformation is calling you to get rid off negative thoughts and emotions. Change your perspective. If you are asking about finances you may experience a specific loss that is trying to mirror you you lack mentality and low self value and esteem. You are the creator of your life and whatever you think you attract. As far as your career there is a strong suggestion to stop following actions that are based on self sabotazing and act with your logic rather than your emotions at the moment. Stay a little bit detouched from destractive situations or behaviours and speak your truth. Nothing will be more beneficial for you than a clear fresh of thinking while you get rid off other's projections.

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