⭐Messages about career and finances in January 2023⭐

Published on 3 January 2023 at 15:36

1.For you my loves there is may be a lack of ambition, drive or focus to reach your career goals. It can be an indication that you are not putting the work in or following through to achieve your long term ambitions. A lack of business sense, skills or conscientiousness to be successful or that you are taking unwise risks in business is something that will not pay off in the long run. For others of you there is a tendency  to work too hard and put  too much of a focus on career. If that is the case, try to relax a little and have fun. All work and no play will make you very dull indeed so let your hair down every once in a while. In a financial context, you may be frivolously wasting your money or putting it into risky investments when it appears. Be more careful and make sure you have thoroughly researched any investments before committing yourself.  In general you are now able to have a new opportunity ij matters of finances ans career while at the end of january things are shifting in your turn. An overflowing abudance especially arouns a family inheritance or some pays off the past are the necessary budget that you need in order to create your own luck. Luck in general is on your side try your luck by taking less risky movements. Be moderate. Universe has your back but you have to watch out your next moves as well. Use your intution and move towards that direction

2. Ambition and motivation are the keys of your present financial and career issues. However this combo of cards suggests that you are trying to run before you can walk! Work towards your goals one step at a time. Be careful not to be too forceful in your approach, it could be counterproductive and you could set yourself up for a fall. You need to take a step back and evaluate the obstacles in your way. Consider a slightly softer approach to achieving your goals. Financially, you need to be careful not to rush in investments or financial deals without properly considering them. Make sure you have all the information and have obtained solid financial advice before committing to anything. It's true, that your awareness of how your behaviour and choices have influenced your current circumstances is increasing dramatically and you are ready to start taking steps to get to where you want to be. While you may have felt stuck in your job due to financial constraints or being too focused on attaining status or materialistic goals, you are starting to see the big picture and refocus on what is going to make you happy and fulfilled in your life. Seize this new motivation and don’t fall back into old habits because they are comfortable or offer more financial security. Financially speaking, if you have been engaging in gambling, excessive spending or risky behaviours with money, you are starting to regain control of yourself. Although you have to remember that extends is never the best advisor.  Turn to your friend group for seeking advices and talk to a trustworthy person from your circle. There will be a promotion or job offer  coming your way aroumd the emd of january. And this is something that you have to think twice because  for some is a possible temptation that universe is sending in your way to test your balance and hwalthy choices. There is alao an extra case for some  that you may have an abundance of money coming in but you could find out that you have spent a lot during holidays!  

3. In your case my loves you may have learned to release you stress, anxiety and fear in relation to work and you should be having a much easier time in work. For others you may also have left a job or career path that had been restricting your potential or making you feel trapped. You have either released your worries or fear about finances and you are in a much more mentally healthy place or you have become more entrenched in your anxiety. If you are doing well financially at the moment, you may want to start saving a little rainy day money to make you feel more secure in your financial stability. Something that as it seems is going to pay you back. For some this saving is going to be your upcoming fund for a new beginning in your career.  Your past work enviroment may was full of lies and decwption and there was a recent necessity for you come clean out of this enviroment. Not in a bad way at the momemt you may are working towards specific plans. Although your spirit guides and angels are suggesting you to reobserve your plans and make new ones under a more creative point of view. If you act towards that direction and be patient your plans can be long term and you can expect to taste the fruit of your labours. Systematic work effort,careful planning, determination and patience are the tools that you need in order to stay secure safw and successful in long term. This month you are building the foundation of your legacy. 

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