⭐🙏Message from your higher self for self healing🙏⭐

Published on 7 February 2023 at 17:53

1.For you my loves the message from your higher-self speaks for new beginnings that must take place at this point of time in order to open that new door to your soul purpose. You may have experienced some kind of specific closure or loss that your higher self is telling you that was unavoidable. Self healing for you is that decision to close the door to the past and without being anxious move on forward. Remember this. When you were more sad and dissatisfied? Back then or now? You will soon realise that you had the amazing opportunity to cleanse your life from people or situations that were not for your budget. There is also a specific direction for those that may have experience some kind of dissappointment. Instead of crying over what you think you have lost focus on what you can create now by using your inspiration and create more abudance for you. Focus on service. You are an indigo child a rebellion. You are the wind of change for your community. You have a bigger purpose in life.

2. Your message here my loves talks about spiritual awakenings and a recognition of your own inner power.  Inner Authority is your natural place and now it's the time to act like a spiritual leader for yourself. Strong 1st ray of light presence here. Will and power are the apsects of yourself that you start been showed up for you at the moment. This full moon in leo may waken you up from a illussion and blur thoughts that you had for yourself in your situation. You have been for a long time on pause and now the message from your higher self reminds you that this is the time to step up and speak your truth. Now it's the time to ask for what you trully deserve without feeling guilt or shame but at ghe same time always with a thought that you don't need to be in coodepedent situations. You do not need external validations in order to be ok. You need love but now it's the time that the first key to find true love is to vibrant on the frequency of self love. This is your power at the moment to create from within your new way of being. Your new reality by being  beside yourself and support your inner child. This child has reborn and you need to take care of it.

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