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The first vision that i'm having is a scale, which for me is the actual symbolization of  two things. For some we talk about the balance on give and take that is required on this situation. For others we talk about a karmic partner or a soulmate with a karmic contract that now clear its negative energies or a tense with a libra moon or strong air in their chart. Either way the main theme here is coherance and honesty. The situation is illuminated by clear white light. This is a guided process that shows the lesson behind the pain and disappointment. Archangel Michael is present working with blue orbs your head space and solar plexus by  cutting and releasing toxicity.  Especially for those that have an actual problem on give and take with their partner the direct advice is to stop giving on an empty pot that drains your energy and approach this situation with a  new perspective that allows you to put boundaries, honor yourself and receive the respect and appreciation you deserve. The healing star energy is here and in both cases, spirit supports you with inner peace and hope, that you can close the old cycles victoriously and move forward with confidence that you can manifest a blossoming love relationship!



🦄 The clairvoyant message that im getting here is a unicorn in a firest nearby a rocky heart that turns from grey into green. The metaphore here speaks about a relationship that is based on an opened heart chakra and heals all the wounds on your inner child. What is more interesting is the aqua river that flows on a corn area and symbolizes the abudance and the prosperity that this love offers. The element of water symbolizes emotions, but much more, the purification process, that happens when you experience the roller coaster phases and  you release intense emotions and drama. For some im sensing a twin flame or high soulmate vibe with a Leo, Pisces, Gemini or Taurus. The advice from spirit is to focus on yourself and support your creative skills or embracing your own uniqueness and find a way to express your inspiration. A supportive partner that wants to share his love and co operate with you.  The stability and security that this relationship is offering you is an opportunity to build yourown legacy, to expand and experience joy.  So..."Carpe diem" and take the chance to create a strong an long term foundation!

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