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1. Devil in reverse: The reversed Devil calls on you to confront your inner fears and anxieties to free yourself from the chains that bind you to your limiting beliefs and unhealthy attachments.  When you take this path consciously, you do so with strength, confidence and courage. You seek to understand your innermost shadows so you can either release them or integrate them into your life in a more constructive way.  Take this opportunity to bring about positive change in your life by staying focused on the ultimate goal of freedom.
     πŸ’™CYAN: Cyan strengthens your confidence and beloef in yourself, balancing systems of your body and giving you clarity in times when you need to make choices. It also help release stress to attain peace and relaxation, and can be very helpful in fine- tunning  your communication abilities. Build your confidence with the help of a Cyan circle. Throat chakra healing.


2. Queen of voices: The Queen of voices notes that you are a truth-seeker. You should be open to hearing the thoughts and opinions of others, but ultimately, you should filter that information to decipher what is true and what is not. This time you think you have an innate ability to tell it like it is. You seem to be now a quick thinker and highly perceptive, piercing through the noise and confusion to get straight to the point. This is the time you should  be a determined, independent and resilient person,  and establish clear boundaries, in order to call out someone who crosses them. You need to be more hard-edged, confident and assertive to be successful. Remember clear thinking attracts crystal clear situations. What spirit needs from you now is clarity, focus, determination and ethusiasm!
    ❀ SCARLET: Scarlet is a  color of passion success and vitality that is known for its power, strength and dynamism. It stands out and demands to be noticed. A color of victory, scarlet allows you to confidently achieve your dreams and thoughts! Realize and visualize your dreams and thoughts by scarlet color!


3. King of Inspiration in reverse: The King of inspirations  in reverse reminds you to lead your life with intent, vision and a long-term view.  If You have a grand idea of what is truly possible,  you have to stop at nothing to see it through. Unlike the Knight who can be a little impulsive with his actions, you can work towards the ability to see your vision through right to the end and beyond. This is time to be a team player and communicate your inspiring dreams to others! Don't exile yourself from your partnerns.  Sometimes you tend to be aggressive. Use the element of joy in every task and job! Inspiration is a quality that lies in our inner child!
    πŸ’—CHERRY: Cherry raises your self- esteem and btings sweetness, happiness and wisdom into your life. It can open your heart and allow you to listen your heart's desire. A deep full color, Cherry encourages you to live your life to tha max , acting as a magnet that attracts incredible people, opportunities and abudance into your life. Eat some cherries or candy cherries and transform yourself from ordinary to extraordinary!


4.  Knight of Inspiration: You are bold and courageous and willing to venture into unknown territories to further your mission and your dreams. You don’t really care if danger lies ahead – in fact, if it does, then it becomes all the more exciting and thrilling for you. Adventures like this light you up because you know growth and expansion are waiting on the other side. Be a pioneer and take calculated risks to reach new heights.In this light, the Knight of Wands gives you the feeling you can take on the world! You are so committed to your vision and purpose that you will stop at nothing to bring it to life. As you pursue your goals, your confidence skyrockets, and you realise that your potential is limitless. You can do anything! You can overcome anh challenge.

       πŸ’œPLUM: Plum is a color of devotion, dedication and commitmentthat connects yoy to your heart and life purpose. Creating deep bonds in friendships and relationships, it also assist sto stay strong through hardships and difficult situations. Plum is a color of deep  inner strength and faith. Use plum rays to overcome challenges and discover your life purpose! 


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