Published on 1 April 2021 at 21:50



🎭Since the 1st of April in Greece we are used to saying that it is the day when we tell lies and make small jokes .... Let's see WHAT KIND OF TRICK IS PLAYING OUR EGO WITH US ?🎭


1. The first message that I'm getting is a green area full of woods, rivers and waterfalls. An actual direct message of the abundance that exists out there for you. At the same time, I felt a strong pain in my head while i was hearing the phrase "stopping of the Flow". I have to mention that this pain was breathtaking, something that for me symbolizes a main painful Ego Theme for pile number one. The same message is confirmed with the card 3 of swords. This is a period that you may feel a lack of abundance and support something that your ego is projecting on your mind. But Spirit now is asking you to connect with your inner Child and let go all of this pain by feeling appreciation and have happy thoughts. For some, those thoughts are creating problems with your breath, or problems with your nervous system, that now needs your full attention. Sleep well and rest more! Remember joyful thoughts bring joyful results and letting you recognize is you easier the abudance and prosperity that lie ahead. You are able to recreate the way you manifest either on 5d or 3d reality!




2. In the second pile I am hearing the word "illusions" and the phrase " smokey eyes", while im sensing a blocked third eye chakra because of a stuck situation, that I am getting by the vision of seven of Cups card in reverse position. The last vision is the sword of Arch. Michael that talks about honesty, clarity and divine interference for clearing your past view on a specific situation. With the Tower card it may happens in all of a sudden and this shocked you and caused you even heartbreak. The Message from Spirit here is that all these happen to understand your Soul Power, which has to do with the awakening of your intuition and psychic abilities. Your Ego at this current moment blocks your vision by keeping you in a loop of drama and pityness. The challenge here is to acknowledge how powerful and intuitive you are. Just trust your higher self and he will reveals the unlimited supply of your Soul power.




3. The first vision here is the card 7 of wands upright, that shows me a man resisting the divine inspiration and try to control the situation. With the ten of Cups in reverse it seems for you as a period that something is missing in order to feel happy and joyful. Your tries to keep and control what you have already conquored it now triggers your Ego which is trying to keep distance from anything that has to do with allowing new people situations or ideas to get into your inner circle. Spirit shows me a well that for me symbolizes a deep fear to accept sharing your abudance, because of a subcouncious thought that you might left out in the cold, without happiness. Archangel Gabriel send you a specific message to "turn around your wheel" and change this perspective. Now it is time to open up and let yourself shine out in public. At the same time this is the way to ground your energy once and for all.This is the way to feel happier and live your ideal happily ever after!

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