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Pile 1

An instant connection.Almost randomly you met each other cause i'm having a vision of stumble with one another. It was for sure a guided connection, in which the masculine had a difficult time recognizing the union with his feminine. It was in a level unrequited love. The next vision is showing me a snake which for me symbolises the kundalini energy while I'm having a pain in my root chakra. This is a message of either you are lacking vital energy both of you or that this was a situationship that didn't get off the ground. Your divine counterpart at the moment is up in his head. Archangel Michael shows me a light grey circle around his crown chakra by giving me the hint that your masculine is now in mental confusion and has a clouded judgement. Now he tries to find despirately a way out of his traumas without even wanting to face them. His message to you is the 8 of swords. A card of mental conflict and stagnment on personal fears. I keep hearing your person saying :"My hands are tied up!" for some there is a problem of geographical distance or difference in social status.

Advice: i'm hearing the phrase:"Keep your distance at the time you because you have a very sensitive emotional energy field that could absorb any negativity that this person is projecting on you." The universe is protecting you right now! Don't worry cause cosmic energies are working constantly for your protection and healing on this situation.


Pile 2 

i'm having vision of Pegasus, a white flying horse up in the clouds while the sun is shining. This for me is the actual message of an uplifting relationship that gave you a lot of happy moments. With the card engagement we talk either for a long term relationship or for a living situation. Also archangel Michael is telling me that this horse is the symbolization of your counterpart who is with a pure heart but with a rush and quick personality and mind with a tendency to come up too fast on conclusions that later on proved totally false. Your partner has a strong will and an opened heart while he is determined to keep maintaining your relationship. For some of you Archangel Michael tells me that this is a high soulmate union. I'm hearing your person says : "I am willing to do whatever it takes". With the wheel of fortune this, as i said, seems to be a fated connection that has the possibility to expand more. As you see the couple seems to be happy on the wheel partying, while the hand of the Creator turns the wheel and guide them to the right direction. Significant numbers 10, 1, 0. For those who have a long distance relationship there is a specific message that the luck is on your side and you ll be soon nearby your person. A fresh new start on one week or 10 days!

Advice: i'm seeing and hearing red bell ringing, which for me is a warning for income abudance, luck and happiness. Your difficulties and obstacles are now behind you. Embrace the present moment!



Pile 3 


The first vision and having is a girl and boy with torn clothes, coming out of the cave and waving down a path with tears on their eyes by crying out loud and mourning. This is the message of intence pain that you and your person are experiencing at this moment or you experienced in the recent past. The whole theme for this pile is forgiveness. You will benefit from working with the amethyst stone by putting it on your upper heart chakra and asking from Arch. Zachiel release and transformation of your pain through the violet flame. With the card Free Yourself you may seem that you recently broke free from a painful karmic situation. So we make up for karmic partner that Spirit tell me he gave you a "hard way" lesson on loving yourself first. I'm picking up intuitively the zodiac sign aries an extra hint that may resonate with you or your partner, an aries placement on moon, sun or rising. With the peace card and the light cyan color, i'm sensing that your partner is begging for forgiveness in order to be able to forgive himself too and feel more peaceful. He or she is feeling guilty and ashamed. The message that wants to send to you with the justice card he or she wants to restore balance between you two and makes things right. Force of you he/she wants a second chance or he/she wants giving you money back or a letter of apology via social media.

Advice: Arch. Zachiel is telling me that it is time του Cat chords and set yourself free. While you are in the place of freedom you can release your past and see the bigger picture. Yes, you are hurt! Yes, you are in pain! But give yourself time to recover and show him gentleness and be able to forgive and forget. It's the only way to stop bleeding and feel happy and free again once and for all!

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