🔮What do the Angels try to communicate with you through your dreams?🔮

Published on 6 May 2021 at 17:03

🔮What do the Angels try to communicate with you through your dreams?🔮

☆Pile 1☆

For the first pile the  clairvoyant message that i'm getting is a castle like a midieval kingdom, while i'm hearing the word foundation. For me this is a message of stability and abudance. The next vision is a  big red flame, which is a reference to your creativity and vitality. Spirit says that the main theme for this pile is the anxiety and stress either about an abundant foundation or situation or  is an anxious situation on a health problem. For a small amount of you this message in your dream has to do with your relationship with a divine counterpart, your twin flame or a high leveled soulmate. Despite of your situation, the energy of Arch. Michael is here to remind you that you are protected and safe. This is the time for you to take time for yourself and breath. Arch. Metatron shows me your throat chakra an area which at this time is sensitive for you and you have the need to stay balanced. Also this is a profound hint to stand up with courage and speak up your truth. This is the only way to clear your energy field from negativity. Once you take your time and  stay away from toxic people and situations you will be able to develop your gratitude and your connection with the Divine. That will be the time when you will feel again that things will begin to work on your favour and luck will be on your side!

☆Pile 2☆

In  pile  2 there is a strong vibe of an activation on your crown chakra. This is related either to an awakening illuminated process for your psychic abilities or an anscension on a specific situation which has to do with a crucial decision. This decision Spirit tells me that has to do with your love life and a choice between to partners for a lifetime counterpart or an important decision that needs to be made in a comlicated situation. In my vision im seeing a crystal clear waterfall, a big red heart and a wand. The combination of those symbol talks about action (= wand) that needs to be made based on intuition ( = waterfall), only if you stay focused at your soul center (= heart). The two paths that spirit shows me on the second vision is the reason why you feel challenged. At the same time Arch. Jophiel reminds me that the trust and hope on your path is essential. He also says: "Feel that you are supported. Feel that you receive guidance and stay on your center. Be the observer! There is no safer place like your home. And that home is your heart chakra."  With the card " what do you need to realease?" and "parents" there is a specific message for a few of you that the reason of your current confusion and uncertainty lies on past trauma of childhood and refers to the relationship of your parents. Some of you may were raised on an one parenting family or in an intense enviroment with argues and fights between your parents. Arch. Jophiel says that this influenced your inner stability. At this moment, through your dreams, angels encourange you to ask their help and release this pain of the past. This is the time to feel stable and sure and regain your inner peace despite of any external influence or  any decision.


☆Pile 3☆

Τhe message I receive clairvoyantly for this pile is a key, while i'm hearing the phrase " Release of fears". This for me is a symbolization of a profound solution and clear direction that angels give you through your dreams in order to release the deepest subconcious fears. When i tapped into the energy of this pile i sensed immediately a pain around my sacral chakra this is a hint for me that there are some fears around your creative energy, failure and the unknown. At this moment Arch. Raphael gives you the a long and full detailed clairaudient message. He says : "Your dreams are your spiritual maps of your personal healing. The guidance you asked for a long time ago was given to you through you dreams. We connect with you and through your dreams we are asking you to observe your mind traps. What do you fear the most?  Forgive yourself and release what no longer serves you. Your answers on this situation are here. Pay attention to the symbols you saw or you ll see in your dreams. Write them down on a journal and search the meanings on internet or in books.  Before searching  ask from me and Arch. Uriel  to lead you to the right sources of information. Some of you  may need to take time and reflect on your fears first and acknowledge them fiercely. Remember there is no need to rush. Also a specific message to those of you who want to start the hobby of creative writing or want to expand their gifts on claircognance or mediumship, dare to do it! Luck is on your side! Do not fear to show publicly your talent! Be blessed with love!"

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