☆What do you need to release?☆

Published on 11 May 2021 at 23:14

☆What do you need to release?☆



Pile  1


For the first pile the  clairvoyant message that i'm getting is the scales of justice and the letter X. For me this is an actual symbolization of a previous  karmic situation around betrayal or in some cases a form of manipulation.  Arch. Raguel says :"The justice will be served on  divine timing, this is your time to reflect and heal". For some this is  about a long term  relationship or an established form of funancial partnership. For a few of you it talks about a friendship from your childhood that ends up suddenly because of finances. Eitherway, with the king of wands upright besides to ten of pentacles and judgement in reverse as well as with card of Arch. Raphael, Spirit wants to give you the message that it was all about reclaiming your own intedity and power back. It was a karmic cycle that was ment to be in order heal your Masculine aspect and stand in your own feet and start from the beginning to build up your confidence and self-esteem. What you are releasing at this moment is people and relationships that put their hands to your pod and took charge of your energy. Solar plexus healing. At this point Arch. Raphael advices you to stay focused on yourself. Allow yourself to create his own path based on your inspiration and your creative spirit.

Pile  2


In  pile  2  arch. Metatron shows me nightgales sitting on a tree and sing to each other like chatting. This for symbolizes the element of communication .  At the same with the card Gossip  upright and in its light attribute form,  intuitively i'm picking up that we talk about some recent news and information that were spread in a community and you heard them quite recently. At the same time i'm hearing the phrase " self doupt and second thoughts" reminding me the card 2 of swords that means mental confusion, self doupt and disability to choose between two directions. With the ace of swords upright and the hierophant as well the message that i'm getting is that the information that you got are trustworthy and true. For you i'm picking two different scenarios. The first one has to with news about your marriage or your social position and the second one has to do with your work enviroment. In any case with empress card, the hierophant, the ace of swords and the red spectrum spirit advices you to have a more practical and rational approach on the situation. Start to examine every detail in this case have more trust to your intuition and the prooves. It's time to release any doupt around your ability to see the things clearly and protect yourself! You are bright and  strong enough to make the right path! You are always be guided!



Pile 3


Τhe message I receive clairvoyantly for this pile is a woman crying over the river side and longing for something to be brought by the river. This for me talks about an emotional loss especially with the ace of cups here. At the same time spirit i'm hearing  a channeled song for you. " la llorona". Some of you may also have latinos roots. With a lover in its shadow attribute and the ace of cups as well as the  five of swords upright we talk about a love situation that indicates a form of rejuction. For some of you this might be a rejection from a father figure with that ten of pentacles. With the serenity in reverse we are talking about a situation were you were drained and you felt that uou were loosing your inner peace and balance. By showing me the girl nearby the river waiting for the gift, Spirit is  reminding me  the tecnique of Yamaya and surrendering the pain to the water element in order to cleanse your energy and feel relieved. Call upon the Arch. Rahmiel and Raphael to take your pain nearby the sea or in your meditation and later on ask from Arch. Uriel to lead you to the next step of healing. Those Archangels are asking you to release the idea of trying to convince anyone about your worth! Fill your cup! Your are more beautiful and special than you think! Your serenity and health is your treasure my loves!

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