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For  my darlings who pick card 1, i'm seeing  a lamp lightened  while im  hearing the phrase" divinely guided connection". Something that gives me the impression that your message is either for a love connection or for family member or a close friend. At the same time Arch. Metatron shows me Godess Artemis with her arrow turning around from the left  side to the right and turgeting in a new direction. This for me is the whole theme for this connection. This second vision is talking about a karmic cycle of a relationship and your determimation, which is influenced by divine guidance,  to choose a new direction or for some of you to turn around  your approach on a healing path for this situation, while the Godess Artemis is also connected with the cancerean energy and the vibe of Chiron, the Great Healer. With the tower card now you are taking two messages. At first,  you reach out at  the breaking point,  where the  tables are turning and the circumstances changing for releasing old energies and bringing more healing light. At the same time this card is not only showing the general change of the scene, but also a sudden epiphany for you. An actual Aha moment, where the truth is revealed as it is, always for the greatest good of both sides!



Card  2 🌄 THE JUDGEMENT- in reverse


My stars for  you i'm having the vision red lipstick mark on a mirror while i'm hearing the phrase "showing off". This for whole vision is an actual message about your personal view on you feminine aspect and your venician energy, which is either overexpressive or supressed. Either way Spirit is showing me an tainted rope which gives me the vibe of an intensed energy around your D.F qualities and yourself being right now at the edge. This Arch. Ariel  in clairaudient message tells me that is all about a past trauma around your sacred womb that now came up with the form of emotional pain and turmoil. With judgement card in reverse Spirit is giving you the chance to observe and accept this pain of yours and transform it into knowledge and wisdom. This is a wake up call for alchemy and transmutation. A transformation for your sacred feminine. Arch. Ariel sends a special message for those that are feeling overwhelmed and feeling anger:" It's time to hear our guidance. Due to your free  will we are here to help you heal. This is your choice! We are sending you specific downloads via external hints! Look up for our signs! Observe them with open mind and heart! Trust us for the first time and you will see miracles happening without knowing how. It's all gonna work for your greatest good! There is no need to worry! "

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