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Pile  1


For the first pile the clairvoyant message that i'm getting is a woman holding an indigo sphere from which she observes Gaia. For me this is an actual symbolization for the mastering of your psychic abilities and the connection with the air element. Intuitively i'm getting the number 5 which talks about change and authenticity. Some of you may resonate with the soul mission of an indigo child. You are one of them. Arch. Michael is present for this pile and works with you during this process of ancension on your specific  spiritual gifts. Activation of  Clairvoyant, clairaudient and claircognant abilities. For others this is the actual gift the recognition of your own ability to shift the energy and creat new dynamics. You are able to destroy the old and recreate the new. Power, strength, authenticity, honesty, strength and vitality are your keywords while your crown chakra and your root are activated more and more . Try to meditate more often by visualizing your crown chakra in crystal clear royal blue color and your root in scarlet red fiary colour and them imagine them be connected with a silver-gold chord. The gifts for you are the manifestation through knowledge and power and the shift of the energies.

Pile  2


In  pile  2 the vision that i'm having from Arch. Metatron is the extended of your aqua aura to those who are around you while you are working with the element of water. For me the Aqua aura is the symbolization of a healing aura while the water element talks about emotions. Some of you with the card Seventh ray of ritual amd ceremony may work already as psychics or readers or may tend to use ways to express their intuitive side.The gift for you for the next two months is the activation of the water element in you in order to be a Master healer. For some that may feel restricted about your spiritual path until now you will feel more free to express and extend your power without judgments emotional turmoils. The numbers 44 and 33 are significant here and the they are talking about leadership of your soul. In other words liberation of your soul essence and power. Some of you may feel pain on your teeth. "This is all about the regeneration of your healing power!" claims Arch Marazael. Silver and lilac are your spiritual colors Which embody your soul essence. Divine Feminine Power is revealing the path of high priest or high priestess in the field of healing services. Prominent number 7!


Pile 3


Τhe message I receive clairvoyantly for this pile is a holy serpent moving through fire and water with gentle and specific moves by changing colours each time. For me this is a message of the adaptability by using the wisdom of the living life. In other words the dance of the snake which heal it self and is able to survive and thrive under all circumstances. The gift for you my loves is a rare and unique psychic gift as Arch. Gabriel says to me in a clairaudient message. This is the gift of adaptability and shapeshifting of the energy by using fire and water. Power and intuition. At this moment Spirit and Arch. Gabriel are activating for you divine talents as creativing writing, painting and music which are help you to express your alloring and magnetic power in a way which transforms darkness into light, challenge and pain into wisdom and thrive. Arch. Metatron concetrates my vision on your eyes and your hands by giving the message " where you see you create, where you see you transform". Stand in your feet and surround by visioning yourself into a purple indigo flame in order to heal pains around your bones or liver. Work more often with your hands. Also another gift for you is the full extended power in your five senses through the dark night of the soul.


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