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Card 1

For  the first pile i'm hearing the word euphoria while i'm having a vision of a waterfall coming out of the mountains. For me this is a similar energy to the card ten of cups. Emotional fullfillment after a difficult period for you. At this moment Arch. Chamuel gives the message of an upcoming amount of emotional abudance. I'm also seeing gates in the shape of scales of justice that are opened for you and this endavours your personal keyword. Balance. This new phase of yourlife will bring for some of you an inner completion after forgivness onto a specific area in your life while for others a transformational love relatiomship is nearby!!



Card  2

The vision that i'm getting for you my beloved is the labyrinth while i'm hearing the word "illussions". A profound number for you is 33 and the colour that express your energy is plump. For me this is an actual message for overcoming those mind  illussions on a specific situation that still keep you trapped. With the Divine Heart Communication Arch. Daniel asks you to connect with your heart center and take the torch to light your path into the labyrinth. "There will be soon a solution out of nowhere kin all of a sudden" he claims.The only thing you should do at this moment while you face external forces is to connect with your heart and follow the golden globe. It will give you the information to show you the exit. For some this is a legal matter on a divorce or a karmic situationship with an ex lover.



Card 3

Before i tapped into the energy of this pile i sensed a heavy pain on my head and a warmth around my third eye. At the same time the words, i was hearing, were "illumination and activation". For me this is a symbolism of the activation of your crown chakra and your thord eye. In other words the activation of the receptivity of the downloads from spirit and the activation of your psychic abilities. This energy clairessently reminds me the judgement card and an upcoming or even experiencing wake up call. " What should you need to release to come into your full power" Arch. Lumiel asks. He continues" you saw where until now you were disconnected from Spirit and

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