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"My love,
It's been sometime that we are in seperation and i really miss you. I miss your touch, your smile, your loving and caring hugs! There are times that i want to contact you and tell you how i feel,but then i think that maybe i'm not worth of your love and attention.You are a person of power! You are well established, financial secure and so... so.. damn hot! But what about me? I'm even struggling financial. How could i give you what you deserve? I know that in order to be together once again i have to change my old ways. I have to be transformed. Someone new! But let me tell you my love.. I need time to be the best me! I promise you we will be soon together... Just be patient for a little while..."



When i saw you, i was sure that we are the perfect match! I like you sweetie. I really do! I'm enjoying our conversations, the way we conpliment each other. I even enjoy your sense of humor.. You are the only person that gives me joy, fun, happiness until now..i find you so sexy!! But babe listen! Even if i want to stay committed i'm indecisive on how could we move forward. I love my life as it is for now. I love how intependent and carefree i am. I know! I have to make up my mind and take it to the next level ..but babe? Some things from my past still hurt! I can't bare facing them...but also i can't bare losing you too.. What can i do? Help me babe!!!"



"My baby,
It's time to admit it! We do cycles! Over and over again! We keep fighting and after we are coming back together. In our last conversation, i felt misjudged and defeated. It was heartbroken and painful. I almost thought that i became your enemy! Why babe? Why? Yes, you were right i let others got between us. I felt tempted to do it but that was my mistake! I know.. You propably moved on from me and may be that was for your greatest good! I can't doupt it. How could i?! After all, it was my fault too.. I keep thinking our happy moments. As for now it would be better to be apart.. Yeah.. It breaks my heart too.. You know what? I  W I L L  A L W A Y S  L O V E  Y O U!!"

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