Published on 13 June 2021 at 22:18


Card 1

In my vision i'm getting you standing in sand still in the middle of the desert, which giving me the vibe of abandoment, experiencing of great loss and pain and also a lack of abundance. This is the emotional state that you are experiencing or you've recently experienced and you feel trapped. At the same time in the vision as long as you are stuck in this sand still a golden rope is showing up to help you.  This is an actual message from your higher self that  you ll receive  unexpected guiding information while i'm hearing the number 3. In 3 days or 3 weeks. While you are holding onto that rope it brings you up to a small oasis where there are plants trees and a pool full of crystal clear waters. This oasis i'm hearing you calling it "home"and intuitively i'm getting that represents your happiness and fullfillment. Although, the most impressive thing on this oasis is the the big open shell with the golden treasure. This treasure Arch. Uriel says that is your inner abudance which will be easily grounded and be expressed in a material form as prosperity on money and opportunities. What ie most at this moment, he tells, is that your heart center like the shell is widely open and along with this guiding information will be the keys of manifesting whatever makes you happy!


Card  2 

What i'm getting for you is a clairvoyant message about a hut of bamboo which reminding me the word tribe. For some this is a specific reference to your Native American roots while for others is an actual connection with your ancestors. From the hut in the vision white smoke comes out with a form of the combra. That white smoky combra Spitit tells me that is a represantation of the spiritual leader's archetype. An archetype full of wisdom and power which was a significant part of your ancestral lineage. Strong connection with the air element. Your mesage from your higher self here isthe awakening of that  inner knowledge. This inner knowledge is either a part of your ancestral lineage or a deepest part of your soul family tribe, something that is clear obvious for while i'm seeing a  vision of a star. At the same time i'm feeling a  numbness in my hands that shows me clairessently that this is a new form of knowledge and practice. It's like a journey to the uncharted sea of your inner power. Also Arch. Azrael gives a specific guiding message that for some of you this practice is about a form of traditional healing practice by using your hands such as reiki, soul retrieval or the greek technique for protection from the evil-eye. This wisdom, i'm hearing from my Spirit guides will be activated on Fall around Halloween!

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