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❤Card 1

For you darlings i'm getting a strong vibe from a female ancestor a grandmother or a mother. That i'm hearing she is one of the leader's of your lineage. In my vision i'm seeing a woman wearing a red turban and colourful coulours with jewleries giving you the message of joy and manifestation. With the red turban it seems she was a powerful manifestor with a strong crown chakra by using the fire and earth element. She is giving also the vibe of the Queen of wands. For some this woman is strongly connected with the spirit animal of a cat and she comminucates with you by cats. Aries, Leo and Capricorn energy. In her recent lifetime she was carrying many responsibilities but also a lot of burden and pain. The message of this ancestor for you is pretty clear. She asks you to release yourself from past pain or belief systems that no longer serves you. For some of you this is all about a burden around your family or about a current relationship that didn't go well at all. Her message about this relationship is" You did whatever was possible. Do not carry the responsibility of others!". It's time to take a step back and relax your body, mind and soul. Use herbs and natural elements to heal any pain around your womb. While you are healing your sacred womb you are healing all the wounded feminines ofyour  ancestral lineage.  Take care of your physical body and you asthetic. Another message for those that want to start a bussiness around beauty and asthetics this is a strong confirmation that you are ready! Don't stop!


💙Card  2


For this pile i'm getting a strong connection of your ancestor with water element and the color blue. Intuition and self-expression. The energy of the ancestor i'm getting here is a male while i'm hearing the phrase "age gap". It's either a young male or an oldder one. Brother or Uncle. The energy i'm getting is very gentle, intuitive and full of grace. Some of them may had breath problems or died at a very young age from peumonia or from a health problems around lengths. This  clue is giving me the vibe along with the blue colour, the cariot card and a pain around my throat chakra that this was a person that was being silenced in his recent lifetime. The message he is sending you is to be expressive and show your talents. Any creative talent as well as your intuition are the tools of your healing power. By the time you ll be able to  fully express your self from a state of inner balance you ll be able to heal and be healed. For you my loves the healing of your anger around self expression and acceptance is essential. This healing will be around your throat chakra, your upper heart chakra and your Solar plexus. "Ask and you will receive!"he says while he is reminding you that you are always supported and protected. Determination, courage and balance are the keys of your success. Also for those that are creative writers or public speakers they ask you to trust yourself,  your talents, their guidance and take a leap of faith to show off yourself more to the collective!


💛Card 3


Intuitively, i'm picking up two colours green and yellow as well as the combination of those two by the colour brown. This for me is the message that this is an ancestor with the archetype of Magician that could combine and unite all the elements. I'm not getting the vibe of a specific person male or female but a powerful group of ancestors. With the colour green and yellow i'm getting a balanced powerful expression of heart and mind.  With the five of wands card in reverse i'm having a vision of someone who had been persecuted or harsly judged on his recent lifetime publicly  by shadow motives such as jealousy and fear. For some of you this is about an ancestor that you didn't know at all. If some of you have experienced fights, conflict situations or you have been unjustly accused or mistreated, your ancenstors are sending you the message that you will get a peaceful resolution for this situation while i'm hearing the phrase the "Scale of justice will be balanced again!". Especially, for those who are dealing with an authority figure on your work enviroment this message is critical and essential for you. The key to reclaim your power and lead the situation is to stay calm, cool and focused.They remind you that  you are the prince/ princess of your lineage! Built your confidence, get grounded and by staying calm and in the state of inner peace set strong boundaries. At the end of the day you will get the respect and recognize you want. Luck is on your side!

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