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🔦Card 1

In my first vision i'm seeing the depths of the ocean which for me is the depth of the emotions of your person. On another vision i'm also seeing an old man holding a lamp into the night and reminding me the hermit. In other words i'm getting the vibe that at this time your person is experiencing the dark night of the soul and he is in big contemplation about what happened between you two. "Pause and introspection" are the two words that spirit tells and confirms the need of your person to look into his own emotions and figure out what is happening to him. I'm hearing your person says with a young boy's voice, "it's not about you, it has to do with me!". I'm also getting a car trip nearby the sea. For some this is the area were your person is isolated. For some your person is a younger person than you or someone immature in matters of love. I'm also seeing sirens which spirit is telling me that has to do with distractive energies and outside forces for your person. I'm getting a house in dried area. This distraction is either a difficult home situation with a family that drains your person's energy or lacking a foundation and financial stability. This is the challenge that your person is facing at this time. My spirit guides talk about an attatchments that lead to indecisive mode. Although this is a stepping mode for your person i'm hearing a significant shift and "mental clarity" on the 5th, 7th or 8th of the next month around a decision that he  will  made towards your future. Your person is Libra, Gemini, Capricorn, Leo, Sagittarius  moon or rising.


Card  2


The energy i'm picking from your person is a vision of a thunder coming from the sky, while i'm hearing the word "renewal ".  This spirit is telling me is wake up call, same energy as the judgement card. Your person is constantly thinking about you and he studies your reactions and moves. Arch. Metatron shows me a gold necklace for some onto your chest for other onto your head. For me this is a message about a royal presence that your person thinks about you. "You are my prince/ princess" i'm hearing. The gold necklace in your chest for some shows the power of your heart chakra while for others the gold necklace on your third eye gives me the hint yhat your person believes you are a strong visioner.  Also, spirit is showing me a man is trying to approach the other side of the river trumbling by make little steps and jumbing from a stone to stone in order to pass the intensity of the waters. The river is a metaphore of the intensity of his love for you that he is aware of but is still scares him a little bit. The actual fear here is that he will consumed by your love. Although, this love is scaring him he seems to try fight his fears and take a small leap of faith to approach you. In my vision he sees you in the other side of the river burn and fire and create symbols with smoke. This is a message that he is totally aware that you are sharing a telepathically communication on 5D and some times you have because of this insomnia or intense nightmares. Expect  quick communication from your person from 9 hours to 5 days. He is ready to make you a small offer or give you a touchable gift like jewlery.

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