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Card 1

For the first pile spirit shows two specific scenes. A sudden returning of a beloved from your past in on your vacation nearby the water. This is a man or woman with black hair and tanned skin.  This for me is symbolization of a person that you were emotionally invested and ended a long ago. The water elememt cleared between you two all the issues of the past and closed this chapter. The next vision that i'm having is this person inviting you for a car ride on the mountain to see the view.  It's all about an actual car ride or a literal message of an approach that may seem enjoyful but it's not! At the same time Arch. Metatron shows me a red color and tells me that the  approach of this person is based on instinct, sexuality and belonging. In a clairaudient message Arch. Gabriel says that this person is codependent on the sense of vitality and adrenaline that you used to offer him. For some he saw something on social media that got him into spiral of envy and low frequencies. Either way, Spirit's strong advice is to continue having fun with people that you trust and make you feel confortable sharing. This a very critical moment for you on manifesting your own abudance. Distance yourself from any situation or person that want to put a hand on your pot!


Card 2

For you my loves Spirit shows me you being very active with your energy and always on the go. Especially some of you may are enjoy surfeying or water sports in general. Whatever you do you are on yhe spot and many shooters are coming around. However, in a clairaudient message from Arch. Uriel, i'm hearing the phrase "closed- off". This is a sign that you may are disappointed from previous situations and you set yourself out of the love game. What is expecting you in this summer is a secret admirer that is going to reveal his true feelings. What spirit shows me in a vision is a short guy or girl with light colours skin, making careful moves around you and trying to approach you in a gentle way.  For some this person is yonger than you with a gentle heart but fearful of rejection, cause spirit shows as his spirit animal the beaver. At the same time i'm sensing pain on my throat chakra that reveals me  difficulty of this person to express his or her feelings. What Spirit is recommeding you to do is to look closely  at your options and you will be surprised! Focus on your intuition and open your heart space to invite something new. This is your opportuninity to open your wings in love. Significant number 7 and 6. For some a soul contract with a soulmate that can help you elevate yourself! 



Card 3

Intuitively, i'm picking up a vision of a couple sitting in the roots of a tree and hugging ine another in the middle of the woods while at the same time i feel a calm sense around my heart and third eye chakra.  Some of you may do a trip on forest or a wooden area. This is all about a sacred union between divine counterparts. High leveled soulmates from the same soul tree or twin flames. For that you are already in a relationship this summer will be prooved a period to come closer with your partner and deepen your relationship by sharing intimate moments. For those of you that are  singles you will be meeting your future longterm partner. This will may shock you because you ll be feeling that you know each other for along time. The intuition and natural trust to each other will lead you soon to an dngagment or a proposal to move in together. The timeline that Arch. Metatron shows me is between 6 of July to 26 of August. What spirit advising you to watch out  is to keep yourself relaxed and balanced in mind, body and soul while you act as reflection of each other.

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