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Card 1

Your spirit guides are showing me your waiste whike i'm hearinh the word "bodyshaping". At the same time i'm having a vision of you standing infront of a mirror and looking at yourself and say" How do i look?". This is all about your perception on how people view you. Sporit also tells me that some of you became closed off and defensive towards others  because of a recent arguement with your family or close friends, where you have been judged harshly. This made you feel exposed in negativity and adapt a negative perception for yourself. For some the problem is bodyshaming or in some extreme cases a light food disorder. For those that facing a serious problem your spirit guides are suggesting you to ask for  medical help  or visit a pcychologist for a healing session. There is no shame about that. Also Arch. Jeremiel is presented here for this pile giving you a clairaudient message. "There is no point shaming on how you look. The base of your issue is the fear of judgement along with a harsh inner criticism. Heal those wounds in your heart and don't be so rigid and harsh on yourself. You are what you are and that is amazing! Unique and lovable. Some of you are already get divije guidance when they are facing conflicts. Pay attention to the red flags that we send you! And always remember you are more than enough. You deserve to be loved unconditionally and show the world as an existant example that what shines inside also shines and outside! "


Card  2


 For you my loves Spirit is showing me seagull while im hearing mix and mastery on air and water elements. I'm also getting a channeled song from Chantal kreviazuk- Another small adventure. What Spirit is trying to send you as a message is the expansion on new horizons and the exploration of uncharted seas. The flower of peonia is important for you while you have to heal a shadow aspect in your solar plexus that has to with a hesitation to take a leap of faith and explore the unknown. After this you will feel more empowered than ever and the roads of success will be open for you. Expect the unexpected. An unexpected gift or help in 5 weeks. For some of you this gift has to do, as i'm hearing, with an activation of a pcychic ability of clairvoyance, claircognizance or mediumship. Your spirit guides talk about the power of foresight and the opening of your spiritual path.



Card 3

The clairvoyant message that i'm getting for you my sweeties is a naked woman's breast which for me symbolizes two different things. Either fertility and nurturing or sexuality, lust and attraction. What i'm also hearing is the phrase "duality of power", which is reminding me the combination of those two different archetypes of the feminine. The mother and the lover. This is your full package and your expression to the world. The power of creation and attraction. The power of femininity. Martin birds are very prominent here as a spiritual animals while they symbolizing  love messages from your person. If you were expecting news from your beloved one and you are in a  no contact situation this is your sign for good news and reconciliations. Also your spirit guides suggest you to use pepper, almonds and cinnamon in your diet or in your rituals to increase your sexual energy and libido. Final, for those women that have some difficulties to become pregnants your spirit guides are telling you to use your venician energy and self love on yourself to help you connect with your belly and sacral chakra cause this  is  a fertile period for you.

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