Published on 13 July 2021 at 17:06


Card 1

Your spirit guides are showing me a ship following a shining  star in the night sky. For me this is a message about a change that is going to happen in the next few weeks, as i'm hearing and more specifically in about 3 weeks. This change of direction is about healing and restoring what was destroyed. The shinning star here is a representation of healing as well as hope. Also, in some cases we talk either about a long distance relationship or about a trip that is going to shift the current dynamics. At the same time Spirit tells me the word "Argo" reminding me the love relationship between  Jason and Medea.  For some of you there was a jelousy in this relationship and especially from my feminines, while for others your person is strategizing his/ her next move. Eitherway, with the card stay optimistic about your love life, the message is about healing and optimism in this relationship, reconciliations or even proposals as long you keep a high frequency vibe for you and your beloved. Connect with your heart chakra and ask from Arch. Raphael to invite love  and healing energies into your heart center.


Card  2

 What is spirit showing me here for you my loves is the spitual animal of rabbit. For me this is a symbolization of sexual energy, passion but at the same time of fear. This fear spirit is telling me is the "fear of intimancy". The vision that i'm heaving is the card 3 of cups in reverse. For some we may speak about a passionate 3rd party relationship while for others this may be a situationship and something that began casual. This my spirit guides are telling me is a storyline of runner and chaser, where the 2 parties have to balance the scales and work with the water element. That means cleansing and purification.You may observe that  your partner at this time is fearing of commitment and intimacy. That's why for some of you he expresses anger issues or feels nervous and avoidant. With the passion upright, what your spirit guides and angels are calling you to do is to find your passion and make new healthy choices. Prioritise yourself. Set your boundaries fiercely and dare to ask what yourself truly desire. Respect, love and equal exchange of emotions. Work with your upperheart chakra for anger  issues or grief by calling Arch. Raphael. Also ask from Arch. Michael to connect you with your solar plexus.

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