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1.Nine of cup in reverse

For you my loves spirit shows me your ancestors keeping a closed eye on you while they are watching you walk on a desert road and they are providing you with an arrow and with lots of gold. The arrow is about protection and focus and the gold is all about material prosperity to create and manifest this planning. The strongest presence by your ancestors here is a generous open hearted man, an actual father figure of a water sign cancer, scorpio, pisces and a  decisive woman of great authority,  on  an air sign, strong libra and aquarius. For some of you this is a powercouple of ancestors. In some cases the man had a strong connection with a white dog, for some a retriever, which was like his guardian. With the nine of cups in reverse, your ancestors are here to send you the message of reinvention and replanning, while you are moving in dry lands of water and abudance that means that they want you to reconnect with what is making you real happy and fullfills your heart. In some cases, spirit is telling me that this is about a  recent situation that you feel is very exhausting for you. What they advice you is to change direction fiercely and don't fear to move forward and get out of your comfort zone. Eitherway, this feeling of stuck that you experience at the moment is not giving you but is drainning you your vital force. Be in charge for your happiness. Your ancestors have your back!

2.The World

For you sweeties what spirit is showing me is a well, in which you get into with a flashlight in hand. This symbolizes for me and the decision you made to face your fears and enlighten  to your dark sides. This is all about "necessary shadow work in order to evolve" as your ancestors are telling me that you willingly complete. I'm sensing a grateful sense from your ancestors and now they are ready to give you a great amount of blessings in return. "You faced  what we aren't willing to deal with and we have to thank you! " Spirit at this moment is showing me the man that represents your ancestors and gives you this message. He is a middle aged man with brown hair and brown eyes. For some this man had his own bussiness or he was a merchant.Generous and just i'm getting a strong libra, pisces or taurus. With the world card you are going to experience a glow with a sense of wholeness, achievement, fulfilment and completion. A long-term project, period of study, relationship or career has come full circle, and you are now revelling in the sense of closure and accomplishment. This card is an actual sign from your ancestors of a  graduation, a marriage, a birth of a child or achieving a long-held dream, aspiration or project. You will soon accomplish your goal or purpose while everything will come together, and you are in the right place, doing the right thing, achieving what you have envisioned. You  are going to feel whole and complete. For some of you there will be soon a promotion or a travel for a job offer in another country or city while for others your dream to be publically recognised is cooming soon.

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