CARD OF THE DAY 22/07/2021

Published on 22 July 2021 at 12:25

CARD OF THE DAY 22/07/2021


☆Lovers in reverse: This card can be a signal a time when you’re out of sync with those around you, particularly your loved ones. You may find your relationships are strained and communication is challenging. Does it seem as if you are just not on the same page and no longer share the same values? If so, come back to the reason you have this person in your life. If you love him or her unconditionally, know this moment shall pass and the best you can do is bring love and compassion to the situation. In other cases, you may realise that you have simply grown apart and it’s time to move on. If your relationship continues to be peppered by arguments and a lack of respect for one another, then it could be time to let go. Honour yourself and do what is best for you both. It can also reflect that the feelings within a relationship are not mutual. One person may be more emotionally involved than the other, and this gap could lead to disappointment and insecurity later down the track. You may be reluctant to open your heart to the relationship for fear of getting hurt. Be mindful, too, if you look at other people and wish you were more like them. Understand that if you can recognise these traits in others, it is because you have them within you.  When we admire qualities in others, it’s the Universe’s way to get you to wake up and recognise your own strengths – in other words, you need to realise that whatever you perceive in other people you also have within yourself.
☆Message of your inner child :" My heart will love again"
☆Healing frequency of Integration
Extra message: Channeled song for you- in noctem


☆Hermit: The Hermit invites you to retreat into your private world and experience a deep sense of seclusion and introspection. You know that you need to take this journey alone or with a small, intimate group of spiritually minded people. When you allow yourself to tune in to your inner, guiding light, you will hear the answers you need and grow wise beyond your years. Find your light, shine it on your soul and create your unique path. You will see what lies ahead of you – not miles upon miles, but enough to know where to step next. From there, take one step at a time. It often appears as a card when you are at a pivotal point in your life and considering a new direction. Through meditation, contemplation, and self-examination, you may begin to re-evaluate your personal goals and change your overall course. You will look at your life with a deeper, more spiritual understanding and a few of your priorities will change as a result.
☆Message of your inner child :" I find my strength in surviving traumas"
☆Healing frequency of Coherance
Extra message: Channeled song for you- Tainted love



☆4 of voices: If you have been going through tough times recently, such as the trauma of break-up or departure, relationship or family problems, financial and health worries, stress or conflict, then the 4 of voices comes as a sign to take a step back and regain perspective. Take a day off work, travel to a new destination, or spend time with your loved ones – whatever you need to take a break. Now is not the time to make decisions. In fact, this card presents a new challenge: to stay silent and inactive. Now is the time to build up your mental strength by clearing your mind of any mental ‘clutter’ or stress. Meditate and spend time in a place that creates peace, calm and tranquillity for you. Go on retreat or start a meditation course. You need to replenish your strength and spend time connecting with your Higher Self. The 4 of voices suggests the need for seclusion. You need solitude to negotiate your situation and time apart from others to gather your thoughts and feelings. Following on from the painful loss of the 3 of voices, this 4 suggests your need to spend time alone to re-evaluate your life. Solitude, although often difficult to bear, is necessary for you to recharge your batteries and rejuvenate your spirit. This solitary experience always bears fruit in greater inner strength and confidence. Retreat from pain, conflict and distractions, and rid yourself of stress and anxiety. Ground and re-charge yourself. Look inward for a real change and meditate daily.

☆ Message from your inner child:" Each breath congitms how awake i already am"
☆ Healing energy of Allowance
Extra message: Channeled song for you- Love like alove song

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