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Pile 1

In my vision Im getteing a father figure like a hierophant, while im hearing the phrase "what I see" this for me is the symbolization of the way you have you things until now and has to do with some "do" and "don't" that your environment forced you to follow and led you to point of lack self love. Another version Spirit shows me a fish that reminds me of Zodiac sign of pisces and words sacrifice and fear. For some of you this is a sign that today you are releasing the perception of sacrifice yourself for others and you are at last stop fearing to put yourself first. For the first time after this full moon you will be able to feel more in contact with your needs and feel the essence of your inner child. Significant number for you is 33. In some cases spirit advices you to release the false perception of sacrifising yourself in a specific love relationship or situation.


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What im hearing Spirit says for you is the phrase "in Charge". At the same time I am hearing woman's Voice saying I have to pick up the kids from the school bags I have to cook, to make money and be on time" while i feel tension in my body. This is giving me the vibe of stress and anxiety around your actions and people that until now are acting from form of the need to prove themselves in order to be accepted. In other words I'm sensing a distorted masculine expression of yourself that suppresses your divine feminine side. For some this is the time to tap into your divine feminine energy and relax. The stress, the anxiety and your need to always be on the go and fullfill the needs of others are over. You will feel more free to allow yourself feel more accepted and lovable by just be yourself. You are good enough!You are so loved! For some your spirit guides are asking you to connect with nature and the element of Earth. Feel your heart's divinity.


Pile 3

For you my loves Spirit shows me a rabbit running into a cave, while im hearing "looking away from trauma". For some this is about an old tedency that you may have to run away from specific issue that caused you pain in the past. What is now is going to be released my loves is the Fear to see and face this trauma that either was hidden in your subconscious or you didn't want to face and you made you postpone your healing process. Either way what archangel Gabriel gives you as a message is that after tapping into This healing energy on this full moon you will be completely transformed and you will feel emotionally and physically rejuvenated. Some of you that have a health issue with your back or your ovaries you will feel much more relieved. Imagine yourself surrounded with the healing green light. Significant number for you is 5 and the keyword is "change".

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