Published on 4 August 2021 at 23:56


■1. STAR

Intuitively, i'm picking up a vision of a man on a mountaingathering all the gashlights and storms of the sky in his hands and create. At the same time i'm hearing master on manifesting. This is aclear message of a strong root chakra and person that has the psychic ability of manifesting. Strong will and deciciveness. What Arch. Michael asks from you is to work on your anger issues and connect with nature in order to release all the tension that is supressed and support your inner child. This is the key to unblock and heal your solar chakra and start manifesting whatever you want. Stand still and don't loose hope.


What i'm seeing for you my loves is a wolf crying on moon. This symbolizes a strong instict and the psychic ability of clairvoyance. Connection with the moon and feminine power of intuition. Some of you may you experience a period of personal loss and grief. What Arch. Raphael says is to be synchronised with lunar circles and relax. This is a phase and not a monumental phase. If you are wondering about your love life and you've recently experienced a seperation work on healing around rejection issues and your relationship with your mother. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. And your future endures hidden blessings. As long as you heal your insight goes stronger and stronger! Some of you may also have the gift of mediumship!


Spirit here shows me a king entering a golden gate of light. This for me is a sign of owning your power and reveal the profile of a royal and genuine power. This has to do with channeling and clairaudience for some of you while for others claircognince and creative writing is your thing. What i'm intuitively picking up is a strong connection with Spirituality and occult, while some of you are also  high priests or priestesses with a special soul mission of uplifting humanity's conciousness. This is the psychic ability of the messenger and the teacher. A  strong  golden aura is surrounding you while you know how to protect your space. Some of you may feel  more confortable as you work alone. What Arch. Uriel is advising you is to continue with a sense of support and security from Spirit!

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