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For you my loves Spirit is showing me a an illuminated lamp behind a sheet and a group of figures forming shadows with light. we could also call it shadow theater. But my Archangel Gabriel called it "game of shadows" while he calls the figures muppets. That means for me an actual message of some illussions that you have to face around your relationships with the others and especially your community and social life. For some of you this is about your work enviroment while for others about a group of friends. With the word "muppets" it seems like there is an orcheatrated situation where there is an invisible authority figure that give orders. For some this is something that you didn't imagine and you will soon realise the undercover situation. For others that you were already suspicious Spirit is asking you to be careful  and get more informations because it would be easy to unjustify accuse people out of fear based on an illussion. In both cases your mental and emotional confusion is your current challenge in order to gain more clarity. With the card "contracts" here this is either about karmic persons in your life  that you have to see cpearly the way they are or about your karmic lesson for learning to be more balanced and cool in order to gain more clarity and make the best choices for you. Eitherway get more information and don't get blind by your inbalanced emotional state or your  closed off way of thinking.



For you my sunshines in a clairvoyant mesaage Spirit shows a lion and a mouse coming face to face. While the lion is roaring, the frightened mouse runs to hide and suddenly falls on the lion with whom he joins. Suddenly, the lion turns into half lion, and half mouse. Head and half body of a lion and legs of a mouse. At this time while this new weird creature is roaring its legs trumble. For me this is an actual symbolization of an inner fear to face the power within you. For some this is about your abilities and strong emotions while for others this an actual fear to be a leader. The roaring here is expressing uour ability to speak loud and clear and express your magnificence. The mouse on the contrary symbolizes your shadow self and the fear facing the truth and take action towards your future. In some cases this is a fear of facing your inner child wounds and heal your solar plexus by take responsibility for your own life and  self protection. Your challenge here is to find the courage within you and see clearly yourself the way it is. Don't let your fears hold you back. Take a leap of faith and be sure that Universe holds your back. Face your fears by holding space in your heart for trust and faith!

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