Published on 17 November 2021 at 16:55


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For you my loves im getting the mutable Moon as a clairvoyant message and the energy of pisces. That means that either you or your partner have pisces placements in Sun, Moon, Rising, Venus or North Node. What Spirit is trying to communicate to you is that at thia point of time your relationship is challenging for you as well as your partner because there is a lack of balance. Your soulmate feels defensive either for you or about the emotions of this relationship. This is the time when you person is trying to find his own indentity  especially in matters of career, finances and soul purpose. It is time for you to go it slow and give your person the time he needs. You don't have to get jealous or pay attention to the negative scenarios of your mind. If you were too emotionally investedvin this situation the behaviour of your partner is here to show you the abandonment of your self and your needs. It's time to to step out of your comfort zone and let your tendency of emotional control. You have to trust the Divine synchronicities and give your self all of your attention and care. Try to find a new hobby, invest more on creative ideas and find new motivations in life. Whether you believe it or not, the more you work on self love the more you attract your person's interest.


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My dear sunshines Spirit for you is showing me  a divine channel of green energy sign of Divine intervention for healing of this situation. Im also getting the energy of placements such as aries Moon, libra on  Venus, and cancer on Sun for your beloved one. What your partner is trying to tell you is that he has a low self esteem that is based on his rigid way of thinking and his lack of self love. The good news is that on the next Full Moon your partner is going to change his point of view about this situation and to understand that as long as he continues self sabotaging behaviours nothing wilk come out of this. He is not willing to risk anything that he built so hard with you. Shocking news about the end of a tough cycle and the transformational phase of your partner  in his mental plane are the  upcoming events for the month of December, between 26th-27th of December. A new romantic cycle is ahead for both of you and this is a sign of reassurance that difficulties and conflicts are once and for all behind you. 

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