Published on 3 December 2021 at 17:12


Pile 1.


My dear sunshines for you Arch. Michael shows me  the solar eclipse while i'm having a vision of tangled skein of red thread which eventually unravels and creates a new path. That vision is reminding a powerful change around your inner stregth and your solar energy that was blocked from karmic realationships. The Tangled skein of red thread it also reminds me the labirinth and the Minotaurus, which for me is the representing of a deepest fear that exists in your mind and troubles you a lot. What was essential for you here in order to move forward was the revelation of truth in your siruation and some important information that we hidden from you. After this solar eclipse the truth is on the way to come and the answers that you need in order to understand the bigger picture will be revealed to you during the next 7 days to 7 weeks. You ve got a powerful crown chakra and rhis situation was the last trigger in order to activate one of your most powerful tools as well as your soul path. For many of you that situation was in your work enviroment for many months or even years and was about hidden secrets and gossiping between coworkers. For others this is about  the revelation of a cheat from a past lover or a financial constrain or deception from your person. The advice here is to not feel sorry for yourself and see this situation as a needed course to search more and cowork more often with your inner voice and intuition. Start trusting more your psychic abilities and your intuition. An opening on your third eye.

Pile 2.



For you my loves Arch. Ariel and Arch. Azrael are presenting you an unfolding rose flower which giving me different messages for those that picked up the second card. For some of you this rose is symbolizing a sign of abudance and prosperity especially for those that faced  financial struggles. This is the time of an  opening to new opportunities for a raise of your income by using creative new ideas. What Spirit is telling you is that you leave behind a karmic cycle and you start all over again. Also, if some of you are planning to change career or job and you are cautious about your finances, Spirit reassures you that will get your back. For others this is a phase of calling back a soulmate and begin a new romatic cycle. What is needed for you here ia the information that past won't be repeat itself. And that's for sure. In general Arch. Ariel informs you that you are entering a new phase in your life where your relationship with the Divine Feminine within you will be more close. The only rhing they ask from you is to learn  how to accept, forgive, be patient and be compassionate towards yourself and others.

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