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Pile 1

Spirit is showing a path that is opened for you and is marked by little moonstone crystals, while an eagle is watching over you by the sky. That's for me a significant messsage of a guiding process from the Divine and your spirit guides. It's like spirit ia trying ti mark your path and sending you guiding informations at each step of the way by connectong you with your inner self in order to get over a difficult situation. For some this is about a health issue  like chronical pain syndrome, while for others it seems  to be about a situation of conflict in your family or jn a friend group that had been happening for years. In this case many time  you found yorself caught between fights or arguments. With the moonstone some of you may have Sun or Moonin Leo or Cancer or Cancer in your 6th or 7th House. With the love card here in  reverse your spirit guides and the  Archangels are advising you to bring morw love and compassion into the situation and to yourself. It's time to take a step back amd connect with yourself and your intuitive skills and observe the energy dynamics. Think about your body , yourself and your needs first and choose the best option for you accordingly to your intuition. Do not think that this is an egoic behaviour. Take care of yoyr physical body and do not toxicate it with negative emotions and thoughts.



Pile 2

For you my loves Arch. Gabriel is showing me the horizon and the sunrising overseas,by telling me the phrase:" the exploration of the uncharted sea". This is an actual message of an opening around your options and possibilities while you are moving forward. Significant zodiac signs here are sagittarius, libra and pisces. For some of you this unexpected opening had been happened on previous Saturday on Christmas day and may cause you an anxiety or fear for the unknown. This is because you may feel that you are lacking strength, confidence or protection that you need in order to succeed, but Spirit is telling that this is nothing more than your negative way of thinking. "You are not recognizing the protection that you already have. You are not recognizing how many times Spirit helped you in the past and how willingly will help you and assist you the same now." Your advice here is to take the risk and make a step forward in order to see your transformation and breakthrough. Your mindset of lack is nothing more than the necessity of your inner child to break the chains of the past , break the old patterns, heal in order to freely and possitively move towards your highest potential. For some of you may have to ask for a professional advice from a therapist or an holistic healer. If you are  as a councelor, teacher or you are working on social justice, institutions or in Spiritual community follow your soul call and do not hesitate even for a moment. Break free from the old limited beliefs that society or family projected on you from your childhood. 

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