Published on 11 July 2022 at 08:25

1. My loves you are requiring about an ex lover or your person with whom you have recently broke up with. My spirit guides are showing me the kudalini awakening and the sacred snake which is symbolizing the awakening of your true power. For a lot of you this was a difficult situation that kept you in a position of an emotional codepedency but at the same time an intense passion about each other. What the angels are bringing as a message here for you is to allow and accept their guidance cause nearby the full moon in capricorn it will be a release of the old structure and patterns in your life, while for a lot of you this means the release of this person which no longer serves your higher purpose. With the divine guidance here there is shift and change in your energy around the full moon in aquarius that will initiate the opening of a new path in love and the welcoming of a new person in your life, that he or she can meet you half way energetically. This new person will be either a taurus or a scorpio with strong placements in 5th house. The key here for you is to close the past chapter by finding the power of forgiveness inside you. This will lead you down to your path. If you are working in spiritual field this will open the door to teaching and leadership or will give you a promotion in your current job! Well done pile 1!

2.For you my beautiful pile 2 i'm getting a situation that is constantly stressing you out about a recent break up. You may were between choosing pile 1 or 2. I'm getting a diatance between you two emotionally as well as geographically. The biggest problem here was about finances or family status and this caused a disagreement around 6th or 11th of June. You may found out about  the flirticious habits of your partner online and this made you feel even more betrayed. Also a significant  greek song is coming to my head Notis Sfakianakis - " One letter" ( ενα γραμμα νοτης σφακιανακης). This is a channeled song for the situation between you and your partner and is showing me your need to communicate your feelings to each other and how you miss each other as well as the calling of your soulmate. Here the angels are asking you to be a little more patient and go outside with friends because a renewal of this connection and a reconciliation is on the horizon. Around 10th of October things are getting better and significant message in your sleep will prepare you for the upcoming reunion. Connect with your heart chakra and meditate more.  Stay tuned with the frequency of joy and see the impossible becomes your reality!

3. Sweethearts you were the most uplifting and lighthearted beautiful of today's reading. This pile talks about two different scenarios. Those who are singles and those of you that they are in a relationship or in a situationship with your twin flame that was back and forth. In both cases there is a great potential of an established relationship between you and your partner and an opportunity to make it official. There is even the possibility about living together or a marriage. A significant upleveling in your love life with a stable and loyal person. In case you are a single lady a taurus guy ia coming full force ready to be commited to you. You may are a scorpio,pisces or cancer. I'm also getting a prosperous relationship with an organising of planting seeds together around your work life. You may be except of lovers and work partners. For those that you were in a third party situation  and your person is married i'm also getting an additional message that this person will follow his or her heart for thw first time and choose you. I'm seeing a divorced will been announced around the end of July.

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