Every person belongs to a certain ray that decides his/her attitude, perspective towards life and therefore his/her actions in life. One of the factors that causes misunderstandings and arguments among people is lack of such knowledge.

Different people get different interpretations about the same issue, all of which might be correct simultaneously. The reason behind such diverse conclusions is looking at the subject matter from different perspectives and the knowledge of the seven rays can solve such miscommunications, as it will broaden our understanding about people.

One of the ways to help us understand our strengths as well as weaknesses and realize our character to an extent is to get equipped with the knowledge of the seven rays. The knowledge of the seven rays can enable all the true servers to work with greater skill and effectiveness in their chosen field of activity.

Each Ray is referred to a particular force or type of energy, with a certain quality that it exhibits. So when we discuss about certain ray energy, basically we are considering that quality and the purpose aspect of the great Life who is known as the "Lord of the Ray". His divine intention, will and purpose create a radiation or stream of energy that affects all forms of manifested life within our planetary ring-pass-not. From this theory it came up the personal file chart of Rayology, a personal file for everyone who select an healing session of Esoteric Psychology, known as Esoteric Psychology- Rayology Counceling ( E.P./R.C.). With this healing session we are able to acknowledge and observe inner child traumas and wounds, attachments, fears, symplegmas, phobias, toxic patterns or negative emotions and thought schemes. 


* In this healing session we use  oracles and tarot cards for the  1st part of Rediscover and redefine

and archetype and colour cards for 2nd part of counceling* 

 Duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes