CARD OF THE DAY 17/12/2022

Published on 17 December 2022 at 14:29

Why are you feeling discontent? The energy of today's card talks about finding balance and a atrong sense of security while you may experience some kind of disappointment or emotional turmoil. What i'm also  getting within this card is that sense of numb energy of feeling stuck and not getting the opportunity of dealing with emotions that come to the surface at this point of time. Some of you may also feel that circumstances around you don't change and that luck isn't on your side at the moment. Situations that you may have invested a lot of time and effort didn't make out according to your plans and you may feel that all this was either a waste of time or a self projection of your own deep desires. Actually the truth lies between the words effort and acknowledgement. This today's energy similar to an energy of loss is here to remind you that in every darkest spot there is always an opportunity to enters light. Start be more open to the opportunities that now coming in your way from the simple ones to the most hidden. Be open to receive emotionally and do not hesitate allow yourself going with the current flow of energy. Whether you know it or not this allowance is the key action that you have to do at the moment in order to turn your luck on your side change the energy dynamic in the situation that is bothering you and let the challice of love, abudance and happiness shower you with new beginnings in matters of self love, self worth and loving connections. While jupiter enters aries your blessing is the golden opportunity to turn your wheel of fortune. To have that second chance! Will you deny it? Why? Isn't that the thing for which you were yearned for?  Open your eyes and ears. Listen through  pillar of your heart! Passion ignites and is calling you to make a move. 

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