CARD OF THE WEEK 20/11/23 - 24/11/23

Published on 20 November 2023 at 14:05

In my vision i'm getting an image of a blue exagon mantra which is called the mantra of peace while i'm hearing the clair de lune instrumental music play. This for me is a significator that talks about finding inner peace, harmony and balance in the energy of the moon. Water element, emotions amd intuition are the main themes while you are trying to find a way balance the two aspect of yourselves and be in alignment with your deepest part of yourselves. It's time to nurture the connection with yourself and see how damaged or not is this connection.Strong guided messages and synchronicities may come to your way while yourself is calling you to reconnect. This card is not only showing the connection within you but it also signifies how harmonized are your relationships with others. Is your beloved person the most closest to your heart person a divine connection or the right person to help you feel yourself? Is this relationship helping you elevate to more higher frequencies and experiences? These are the questions that may come up to your mind during the next 5 days. Introspect and be honest with yourself while you are answering this question. You may experience either a reconnection with yourself and an emotional distance from a person close to you or you will reconnect with someone new or even with a person from your past.  Either way love is in the air and helping you feel safe and sound. Dance, draw a picture, go for a walk, sing or do anything artistic in order to express yourselves. Do it alone or with your person. This will help you come closer and embrace a more cooperative mood. Healing is taking place right now. And if you feel a call from within to act on a healing way in a relationship do it by sharing your love. This will help you save heal or refix this connection. Just because love heals everything. Channeled song: Leonard Cohen~ Dance me to the end of love.



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