CARD OF THE DAY 06/11/2020

Published on 6 November 2020 at 15:54


🍁The main theme of the 7 of voices in reversed position focuses today on revealing the inner truth as a first step in the process of personal transformation. In the clairvoyant message from Archangel Metathron, the nucleus in the structure of a human cell is presented, pulsating in golden color. This symbolizes two things. At the first level the revelation and the light that illuminates the deeper core of a personal issue for many of you. For others it symbolizes the awakening and reprogramming of your cellular structure to connect your physical plane to the new grounded energy frequencies. Archangel Gabriel also in clairaudient message for the collective reveal the information that mental confusion today for many as well as physical pains are temporal as it is the result of all this internal energy shift. The energy of the day is chromatically connected with the golden-white ray, while the key phrase is " recognition through the observation and mind- silence as we are in the first step of grounding the tranfirmation"🍁

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