CARD OF THE DAY 03/11/2020

Published on 3 November 2020 at 17:09

CARD OF THE DAY 03/11/2020


🌙Moon Sesquiquadrate Natal Saturn🌙

🍁Two powerful cards reveal today's energy field The forces of protection and healing that are valid today. In my clairvoyant message, Archangel Metathron shows me the symbol of the cross. The healing process and protection in a regime of pain and difficulty aims at the collective development and spiritual upgrade at this specific time. Despite the external influences Spirit stands as a guardian and supporter of the new energy that is now being established. The universal forces are here to ensure everything at its core is governed by cosmic love and unity. Some of you may feel lonely and out of touch with others, occasionally you may be depressed but be aware that your mood may not reflect the reality. Avoid confrontations and falling into negative thinking and remember that our protection and safety lies with the Divine!🍁

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