CARD OF THE DAY 02/01/2021

Published on 2 January 2021 at 14:48

CARD OF THE DAY 02/01/2021

General energies

The Moon  is still just like yesterday in Leo and speaks to our "inner child". It’s a warm, generous, whole-heartedly loving position. Pride keeps us from pettiness, but it can also prevent us from opening up and revealing how we are truly feeling.

☀️Sun Sextile Natal Venus🌹

You should now feel good and affectionate towards most people. Spend time with friends and make new ones too. This is a good time to resolve tension in your relationships if there are any.

☀️Sun Conjunct Natal Neptune🌊

Your awareness will be stimulated often in ways that are hard to understand. Your sensitivity is heightened, and your intuition is working better than usual. It is a good time to help people in any way possible like through charity or personally. You will have a deeper interest in spiritual activities or rituals that will make you feel more whole. You are acting less superficial and your ego denying qualities enable you to identify with others. You may feel the need to daydream but do not avoid the reality. It is a good time for quiet contemplation, and you would get the most benefit from meditation at this time.

🌙 Moon Inconjunct Natal Neptune🌊

You may feel quite dreamy now or even delusional. Subconscious influences are strong, and they can distort perceptions. You feel like you are out of balance and may you tend to do some acts out of overeaction  so avoid any form of addiction. Remain centered and be for a few minutes in the silence of your heart space, where is is your sacred temple.

🌙Moon Square Natal Mercury🤝

Your feelings may overwhelm your rational intellect making your thinking too subjective and hard to relate to. You feel strongly about expressing yourself and tensions should be released.

🌊Queen of Emotions

🌹" The Great Healer " - Message Card from Archangel Raphael🌹

Under the crown of the flower lotus the Great Healer is connected to emotional balance,  emotional  healing and recepteivity of flow. She is the bridge between the heart space and the the world that floutishes around. By her compassion and passion she is connected always with her truest emotions feeling powerful, sound and safe. This nurtiring energy is now washes away unhealthy attachments and bubbles down to create a new foundation. The foundation of emotional stability, connection and balance into your relationships. Now it's time to seek the alignment of Deep Love, in which your words, thoughts and breath all play  the same music  symphony of your heart. Let your self  feel  the relief of love, compassion and forgiveness. Heal your self nearby water ( sea, lake, river) by letting go of your pain and releasing the emotional tention.
🗝Keywords:   Love, Intuition, Self Love, Emotional Healing, Feminine Nature, Emotional ancesion


🌹" Balance yourself"🌹- Message card of Archangel Gabriel

In a clairvoyant message, Archangel Metathron, shows me three cubes  with the numbers 1,2 and three. This is a symbolism of balance between body, mind and soul but also it symbolizes the balance that now took place in between the  first three cosmic rays of light. In other words between Will - power, Love - wisdom and Creative Intelligence. Those three aspects now throughtout the sacred cube of Metathron , which Arch. Gabriel refers  as"tetraktis" in an additional clairaudient message, works today on balancing and healing  our seven chakras. In a perfect balance between air, water and earth elements the girl on the Temperance card weaves purpose and harmony into the lives of others by her greatest alchemical gift. The treasure of healing. This is her example. She doesn't jump to excess or rely on the dark side of the moon. She patiently transforms her pain into love and knowledge, her giving up to aim to thrive and her despair into new creative ways of manifestation. She is now asking you to do the same by stepping into the heart space and observe your dualities your differences. And by the compassion of the previous card of the Queen of emotions approach this disbalances. Blend now the need to thrive with the need to joy. Mix your elements in order to root the "mechanism" of Love in your everyday life.
🗝Keywords: harmony, balance, alchemy, patience, blending energies, healing

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