CARD OF THE DAY 14/01/2021

Published on 14 January 2021 at 15:09

CARD OF THE DAY 14/01/2021

🌍General energies 🌍

🌒Waxing Crescent Moon in Aquarius♒

Attraction to all that is new and unusual and an instinctive need for improvement, characterize the Moon in Aquarius. Reactions are more intellectual than emotional, and interactions are more impersonal. This is a good time for social gatherings, dealing with group ideals and goals for the future, brainstorming, new ideas, and progressive changes. There is an increased interest in knowledge and a need to communicate with like-minded individuals. At the same time, your desire for freedom and independence is strengthened, and you will want to establish your own rules. It is a good period for reading, study and scientific pursuits. However, activities which require subordination and discipline, as well as jobs which bore you, will go from bad to worse now.

🌙Moon Inconjunct Natal Jupiter⚡

You are probably feeling quite generous and inclined towards contemplation of the deeper aspects of life. You should be optimistic, think positive and you may be feeling philosophical. Avoid being arrogant or self-righteous as people may be put off by this attitude.

🌹Venus Opposition Natal Jupiter⚡

You will be prone to indulging yourself right now, but you may feel great pleasure, joy and satisfaction. You want to take things easy and not do anything too serious, avoid shopping and overeating. Your relationships should be fun and exciting

 🌬Uranus Retrograde in Taurus♉

The energy will evoke a strong desire to eliminate any obstacles to our future growth. There will be a reaffirming urge to express our authentic selves and operate from a place of personal sovereignty, regardless of how that expression may go against the grain of societal acceptance. We can experience desire to dig our heels into the new directions that we are taking in our lives under this influence. Planets have an increased intensity of their expressed energy when they change directions. Uranus is an electromagnetic planet associated with sudden, shocking events when direct, and this retrograde will not lessen that intensity. In fact, it will be moving back over 6°-11°of Taurus for the second time, reiterating the areas of life that are already changing, both personally and collectively. It will continue to disrupt the areas of life associated with the sign of Taurus, namely our shifting values in relation to love, money and our very connection to the Earth itself. The disruptive nature of Uranus is in order to propel us into the path of our future. The effects of this retrograde serve to destabilize the areas of our lives where we have become affixed to outdated means of operating, that no longer serve our highest good. It signifies a shift into proper alignment with our progression. Uranus will remain in the sign of Taurus until 2026, so this phase of shocking change will continue long after the retrograde has ended. It is a powerful rebel planet  that eliminates the chains of toxic traditions, in pursuit of personal freedom. It paves the way for a new future in order to raise humanity to a beneficial new place of purpose.


🌹Ace of emotions🌹

🔮"The Rising Star of the Divine Feminine inside you " - Message Card from Archangel  Uriel🔮

The  Ace of Emotions talks about Divine love and compassion, it talks about the Feminine aspects of your soul that now are on the surface and which are pouring through you. You are a vessel for deep, spiritual love from the Universe, and you can’t help but let that love flow through you and into the world. You receive love, you give love, you ARE love. Your heart overflows. Now is the perfect time for you to open your heart and experience the rich flow of emotion available to you right now. You are more receptive to creative opportunities, loving connections, and deep compassion for other living beings. As with all Aces in this deck, this card comes as an invitation. Deep inner calling from the universe. It' the first step! Will you take it? Will you say “Yes!” to Divine love and compassion, and will you run with it? This card carries the potential for spiritual and emotional fulfilment – but only if you embrace it with an open heart. This  generous, compassionate side of this card is calling you. You can see this as a time of giving (not taking) and make the most of any opportunity to help others. Just as the sign of Aquarius represent humanitarian work and the support of your community in the pole of love unites differences and melt obstacles. You have the power to share your inner radiance and positive energy, bringing great happiness to those around you. And you will find that the more you give, the more you receive on multiple levels. With seastar on the picture you can rise and expand your power through your heart chakra in order to heal and share hope. New begginings and creations. A breath of life. A breath of Divine Love and support.  Strong Connections with your inner guidance and intuition. Use colour gold to meditate and bring more abudance and transmutation. 🗝Keywords:  compassion, Divine Love, Healing, overflowing abudance, intuition, star quality, emotional intelligence, new relationships, self- love, unblocking creativity, transmutation, new beginnings.

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