CARD OF THE DAY 02/03/2021

Published on 2 March 2021 at 16:13

CARD OF THE DAY 02/03/2021

🌍General energies 🌍

🌒 Waning Gibbous Moon in Libra♎

With the Moon in Libra, creating order is the focus though not necessarily through tidying or organizing as was the case while the Moon was in Virgo. You will be attracted to pleasing interactions with others and aesthetics in our environment. We tend to solve problems through diplomacy and we are more able to put aside our own emotions in order to achieve the peace we crave. Increased sociability, interest in new acquaintances and a desire for mutual understanding. Partnerships are in focus. Good for social gatherings, celebrations, business meetings or romance. However, your ability to make decisions suffers because people are more prone to doubts and hesitation now. The Moon in Libra generally favors relationship and partnership interaction, activities involving teamwork and cooperation or activities related to beauty.

⚡Jupiter Sesquiquadrate Natal Jupiter⚡

There is a very strong tendency towards excess, and it makes it difficult to keep up with the activity taking place. You need to be thriftier with your financial situation as it is easy to spend more money than you even realize. Time is limited and so be careful of committing to things that may take up too much of your time. If you can avoid this, then this can be a very fruitful time where you can achieve a lot and your positive attitude should make things a lot easier.


🌞Sun Sextile Natal Neptune🌊

Your senses are a lot keener right now and you can intuitively pick up subtle energies around you. Right now, you are naturally more receptive, and your self-expression will be directed towards service to others as your ego identification is not very strong. Spiritual concerns may claim your attention and understanding the deeper meaning is important therefore it is a good time for meditation and withdrawal. Your energy level will not be high today so avoid anything too strenuous.


🌹Venus Sextile Natal Uranus🌀

You want break from your current routine, you want to meet new people and avoid those that you find boring or mundane. You will appear to others more fascinating and spontaneous and people will find you quite agreeable. It is a good time for parties, avoid being jealous or possessive as your friends and lover need their freedom as much as you do. Relationships started now may be prone to ending quickly.


🌹 The Devil🌹

🔮" Discovering your inner self. Light the inner flame" - Message Card from Archangels  Michael an Azrael🔮

In my vision i can see clearing a woman with a beautiful peach dress standing with powerful attitude onto an orange base, which looks like a pontium, while im hearing the word independence. This for me is a symbolization of the independence from all the toxic patterns, habits,  and behaviours that has to do with codependencies and addictions. Especially with  your family members or your ancestral chains. For some talks about a difficult relationship with your mother figure or a situation that is based on codependecy  a mother figure in general. The second vision that spirit shows me is a big mirror on the wall which talks about the revealing of the ego patterns that keep you bound to stuck situations and now you recognize by your own. The last clairvoyant message is a deep rocky area with caves and a red flame that burns into one them. "This is the flame of your soul" Archangel Azrael refers to me which tries to be shown and illuminate its light to the" rocky caves" of your subconcious. This the transformational and purificational flame of your soul. When the Devil shows up in a Tarot reading, see it as an opportunity to bring these negative influences into your conscious awareness, so you can then take action to free yourself from their hold. Shine your light on the negative patterns that have been standing in your way for so long, and over time, you will loosen the grip they have on you. Given that the Devil is a Major Arcana card, it is unlikely that you will be free from your addictions and dependencies overnight. It may be a recurring pattern for you, and it will take a tremendous amount of willpower and strength to free yourself from their influence. But know this: it IS possible, and it is up to you to make it happen. The Devil can also represent sexuality and your wild side. You may be exploring bondage, fetishes and your deepest, darkest fantasies. If you can do this within a safe, sacred space, it can be a very enriching experience. However, it has the potential to turn into something that may be unsafe or detrimental to your well-being in the long-term, so again, set clear boundaries, choose your partners wisely and have your ‘safe words’ ready to go.  On the positive side, the Devil can also show a powerful attachment between two people, such as a mum and her newborn, or a new romance still in its ‘honeymoon phase’. Be careful, though, because, with the Devil card, this healthy attachment can turn into an unhealthy, co-dependent relationship if you lose connection with your inner guidance. Spirit invites you to practice the principle of detachment, a state in which you overcome your attachment to the desire for things, people or concepts of the world, and free yourself from any restrictions. It doesn’t mean you don’t care for people or things; you release your dependence on them. You may also find that a cord-cutting visualisation helps to release any unhealthy attachments to others, especially when the Devil reversed appears in a Tarot reading.🗝Keywords: Shadow self, attachment, addiction, releasing limiting beliefs, exploring dark thoughts, detachment, restoring health boundaries, healing toxicity of Ego.


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