CARD OF THE DAY 06/03/2021

Published on 6 March 2021 at 15:03

CARD OF THE DAY 06/03/2021

🌍General energies 🌍

🌒 Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius♐

The Moon is the most optimistic and upbeat in Sagittarius. We are motivated by a need to seek the truth, and we are ready to pursue a new vision. We are not interested in details just now. Instead, we focus on the big picture. New experiences and adventures satisfy a deep emotional need. Spontaneity is the key. We may also be inclined toward overdoing and overstating. We don’t want to plan ahead, and prefer to take risks. Generosity, openness, optimism and the desire to give advice and share experience are all increased. There is a heightened interest in travel and foreign countries, and any activities and recreations taking place in the open air. You may however, be over-confident or arrogant and may not have a good grasp of practicalities. The Moon in Sagittarius generally favors adventure, travel, education, sports or physical activity.


🌞Sun Sextile Natal Neptune🌊

Your senses are a lot keener right now and you can intuitively pick up subtle energies around you. Right now, you are naturally more receptive, and your self-expression will be directed towards service to others as your ego identification is not very strong. Spiritual concerns may claim your attention and understanding the deeper meaning is important therefore it is a good time for meditation and withdrawal. Your energy level will not be high today so avoid anything too strenuous.


🔥Mars Sesquiquadrate Natal Neptune🌊

This option ends today and complete its cycle. You may feel very discouraged, doubt and other unpleasant feelings may occur. It is a time to reflect on your past actions and how they have affected your life to this point. You may even have to deal with these issues as you will be forced to confront people that your actions have affected. You could be more prone to deceit or taking dishonest actions, but these actions will only end up causing more pain in the future. Your energy is very low, and you should try not to do too much today and avoid confrontations as it will be difficult to settle your problems now. If you can conserve your energies and confront your fears, you will accomplish a lot.

🌞Sun Sextile Natal Mercury💬

Now is a good time for all kinds of communication and interaction with others as you can explain your intentions and opinions much clearer than usual. It is a good time to examine your own goals, what do you need to attain them and who could possibly help, with you attaining them. It is a good time for buying and selling also, because as your mind is in tune with your solar energy you will to seize the opportunities easier.

🌹Venus Sextile Natal Neptune🌊

This is a very positive option for inner work, just beacuse of the compassion you can provide. You will be very creative and imaginative and have a greater sensitivity to beauty. You will want to be surrounded by beautiful things or fantasize about being there. Immerse yourself in art, poetry and music or even just go for a walk-in nature it will be very inspirational you. You will have more sympathy for your loved ones and being more caring and understanding of their needs. It is a great time to really unite and become closer with them.


🌹 4 of pentacles🌹- in reverse

🔮" Release  of supressed emotions" - Message Card from Archangel Raphael🔮

In a first clairaudient message, i'm hearing the words "grief and sorrow". The next vision is a  turquoise rain. With those messages i  'm intuitively sensing a great amount of  supressed emotions  that now are been exposed and released. You let your emotions running out in order to release all the tension that you had been keeping for a long time. Now you are releasing all the grief and pain to releaf your emotional and physical body. For some of you your body tries to release all this supressed  emotions through psysical pain in areas such as chest, eyes, belly. For some others  you may have some skin problems because of that.  More specific the Four of Materials reversed indicates that you are ready to go forward on your spiritual path and will make huge progress in the right direction as you let go of any fear, regret and negativity you were holding onto. This is a great time for you spiritually as you approach things with an open mind and open generous heart. Make sure you stay grounded and keep enough of your energy for yourself!  In some cases you may be releasing toxic people or situations that are no longer healthy for you, shedding old issues or letting go of regrets or fears.  If you have been in a toxic relationship, it can be an indication of letting the relationship go. However, this should ultimately be a positive decision in your life if that is the case as it is something you need to do to move forward. If you are single, the Four of Materials reversed indicates that you are ready to let go of fear and get out there and meet people with an open heart. If you have been struggling to let go of feelings for an ex it can be an indication that you are ready to release those feelings and move forward in a positive way. Now you are releasing or are ready to release the negative energy you have been holding onto and move forward in a positive, healthy way. Maybe you have been suffering from anxiety and have shared your worries with someone you trust and lightened your load or maybe you’ve forgiven someone who wronged you in the past and let go of your anger towards them. Whatever the situation, you should see a significant improvement in your health or general well-being as a result. It is a good idea to help the healing  of your body today with reiki or pilates.🗝Keywords: Shedding the old, letting go of people, possessions or issues, generosity, sharing, giving to others, let go control issues, openness, generous to a fault, release whatever doesn't serve you anymore.







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