CARD OF THE DAY 12/03/2021

Published on 12 March 2021 at 16:05

CARD OF THE DAY 12/03/2021


🌍General energies 🌍



🎶Nina Simone: Feeling good🎶




🌒 Waning Crescent Moon in Pisces♓

We are not inclined to want to face reality while the Moon is in dreamy, impressionable Pisces. It can be a wistful, sensitive, intuitive, and compassionate time. This brings an increase of emotions and a receptivity to other peoples' feelings. You will have a desire to be of help, and you may be willing to sacrifice something for the sake of others. Your emotions predominate over common sense, so it is better to do things which require imagination and inspiration, rather than reason and cool logic. Your body may be more responsive than usual to alcohol, drugs and medicines, so beware of overdoses. The Moon in Pisces generally favors imaginative undertakings, mystical or spiritual pursuits, inner development, music or water activities.

🌞Sun Sextile Natal Midheaven🌠


You are striving to achieve as much as you can right now, you are strong, and your confidence is high. You have healthy work relationships, or it can be a time where you can improve them as your confidence brings a greater impression on others. Put more positive energy into your work environment now as it will help you dramatically, any issues that may be at hand will need to be resolved now.



🌙Moon Sextile Natal Uranus🌀


You are feeling restless and have a desire for excitement. You may try to change your circumstance to avoid boredom. Friends may help for getting away from your usual scene, you discipline now is lacking.



💬Mercury Sextile Natal Sun🌞


It is a very stimulating time. You will keep yourself amused because your mind is quick and active. You are very curious to learn new things. It is a good time for group discussions and it’s a good time for running errands.



💬Mercury Conjunct Natal Mars🔥

This is a useful time and you should have a lot of mental energy. You can accomplish a great deal. You may create ego conflicts as you may feel too confident and almost self-righteous. Be careful and use tact.




⚡Jupiter Square Natal Pluto

You will be highly ambitious to achieve great things. You can go higher and further than you have been able to before. Great power is available in your life, but it is very important to use any power for the greater good and not self-centered needs. You may achieve success or good social status also. You may become involved in a project to repair or restore something. Avoid becoming obsessive with plans or actions, and you will constantly need to reevaluate your motivations and ensure that what you are doing is for the greater good as opposed to self-centered needs. Avoid underworld or shady persons it could implicate you badly.



🌹Venus Trine Natal Pluto


New relationships started now will be quite intense and have a profound effect on your nature. You may feel a lot of love and want to express it. Sexual desires are increased, and your experiences now will reflect your inner workings towards relationships which can be useful and insightful. Artwork done now can exhibit your emotional intensity and will reveal your subconscious drives.



 🌹Venus Sextile Natal Mercury💬

It is a good time for being sociable, spending time with others and just plain enjoying yourself. You do not want to be serious, and it is good to be in pleasant surroundings rather than working. It is a good time for shopping or other financial matters.





🌹 Queen of Materials🌹- 🌹  The Fool🌹


🔮" Point time zero! Cosmic egg! Newborn era!" - Message Card from Archangel  Metatron🔮

The vision that i'm getting is a scene nearby a lake area ,where at the middle of the lake the cosmic egg  arised, full blossoming and full of colours! Cosmic forces of green, red, blue, gold, silver, pearl, indigo, magenta, violet, turquoise surround its aura and a girl appears, coming out of the egg. This is a metaphore for the newborn seed of the univesal forces into the world and the hint that this is a new established version our Divine Fenine inside us, who plays the main part from now on for each one of us! Those new forces include some  divine qualities.  Love, power, strength,wisdom, guidance, vision, faith, forgiveness, compassion, peace, celestial healing. It' the point zero! The time where everything  restart by a new fresh approach!


🌹 Queen of Materials🌹


The Queen of Materials represents prosperity and security. You have worked hard to generate a level of financial or physical security, which in turn gives you the ability to be generous with others and to share your wealth and abundance with those you love. You have used your financial prosperity to build a comfortable home environment and are as focused on investing in your family as your personal wealth. This Queen asks you to maintain a compassionate, nurturing, practical and down-to-earth attitude when dealing with others and your present circumstances. Focus on creating a calm, balanced, peaceful and full of love life for yourself. Be resourceful and practical, dealing with issues as they arise using straightforward solutions that fix the problem with minimal fuss. This card tells you that you need to have belief in yourself, your intuition and your abilities. You should be feeling spiritually fulfilled when it appears. If you feel like you are are on the right path, trust your own wisdom! This card also indicates that you have a natural healing power so make use of it. The upright Queen of Pentacles can also signify someone involved in a nature religion such as a white witch. It can be an indication that you may have an interest in or a natural talent for Earth magic such as creating potions using herbs.  🗝Keywords: Mature grounded female, social butterfly, generous, loyal, prosperity, successful, independent, prosperous, homemaker, the finer things in life, down to earth, practical, kind, welcoming, nurturing, healer, mother, love for nature and animals


🌹The Fool🌹


The time is NOW! Take that leap of faith, even if you do not feel 100% ready or equipped for what is coming. This is a time of great potential and opportunity for you right now. The world is your oyster, and anything can happen. Use your creative mind with a dash of spontaneity to make the most of this magical time and bring forth your new ideas in powerful ways. The Fool is your invitation to relax, play, and have fun. Treat life like one big experiment and feel yourself in the flow of whatever comes your way. This card asks you to embrace your beautiful, carefree spirit, allowing yourself to connect to the energy that surrounds you and flows through you. Tap into your fullest potential by stepping into a place of wonderment, curiosity and intrigue. Live life as though you were a child once again. Laugh more, dance, and let your heart go free.
This is a card to meditate on if you are struggling with dread, worry or self-doubt in your life. The Fool is your guide, as someone who is daring and carefree. He is the embodiment of who you really are – your free spirit, your inner child, and your playful soul. Any time you experience fear, remember the essence of the Fool as he encourages you to acknowledge that fear and do it anyway! You never know what the future holds, but like the Fool, you must step into the unknown, trusting that the Universe will catch you and escort you along the way.🗝Keywords:  Innocence, freedom, originality, adventure, travel, idealism, youth, spontaneity, new beginnings

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